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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Use Edge Browser And Bing Search And Get Paid By Microsoft!

Microsoft have decided to reconstructure the old Bing rewards to Microsoft reward which is the platform that will pay you for using edge and Bing search.

So people who uses the edge browser and also signed up for the Microsoft reward which is US-only stuff, will be awarded points for using the browser but don't get too much excited about this, if you are from African because this offer have not rolled out for the Africans but will get here in the nearest future.

How it works

So see how it works and how to make it possible; Microsoft will stay active to monitor whether you are using the browser for 30 hours a month and you can also make or set Bing as your default browser in order to make or being awarded with more points. So all these points you have make from them can be traded for places like Starbucks, Skype, Amazon and ad-free

Google and Microsoft might have been competing for this but I think any other competitors competing with Google products are not always easy to win. So let's see if Microsoft will be able to win the heart of some people with this their offer they just launched.

Well, this offer seems to be expensive in such a way that is for only the united States residents and also for the windows 10 so if they are ready or really want to get more people for this, I think they should make it available in other countries and make it also for all browsers or the popular browsers not only edge browser that works on Windows 10 only.

So if they are able to make this available on older version of Windows 10 and available also on all countries, they will receive many people above their expectations.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new offer from Microsoft?


  1. lols... trick to beat google
    u can only try, u no fit

  2. Lols den no serious how den wan take send the money when paypal no gree naija ppl receive money through dere service.

    1. Lolzzz by that time they would have done the PayPal issue


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