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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Unbelievable! See How MTN 2GO Subscription Started Browsing Unlimitedly!

I have not experienced this before when after subscribing for 2GO plan of 25Naira for 19MB and shockingly, it started working for all applications and browsing fast without the 2GO megabyte been removed or deducted. Let me explain it in details how it happened and how i am still surfing unlimitedly with this unknown free data from 2GO subscription.

My brother was the one that first experienced it before I did it and it perfectly worked for me too. Well, I don't know yet about yours so let's go on. On this faithful day, my younger brother decided to subscribe for the 2GO plan, I hope you know how young boys of nowadays like 2GO because if it's star boosting stuffs and after he subscribed for the 2GO plan since last month July 28, 2016, he was using it for only 2GO because he taught that the subscription was for 2GO but when he started receiving huge notifications from his Android phone, he decided to start browsing with it and shockingly it started browsing very fast on all applications so he decided to checkout his 2GO data plan which he founded that it wasn't deducted and he checked all his messages there was no message for any bonus or recharge data bonus and he checked every codes to see his data bundle but all remain null.

So this evening around 7pm, he told me about this wonderful data hmm at first I doubted him and he ON his hotspot for me then I connected to his hotspot using wifi (wireless connection) but to my surprise, it was really blazing! 

Then I decided to go for the subscription immediately so after subscribing, I also started blazing unlimitedly and we decided to keep it secret till we finish up the cheat before we spread out so that people won't get it congested with their huge data files download but normally is not fast in downloading but its download speed is very ok and very fast in browsing.

Well, you don't have to use any vpn like psiphon, netify, Tweakware, sypon shield and any other vpns to make this work. It can be used on desktop (PC) by sharing hotspot or to other mobile devices that supports WiFi.

See my proofs here on the screenshots below;

See my phone and his phone below;

My brother's phone

My phone 

See the hotspot and wifi I connected to his phone when he decided to share me his hotspot before I did my subscription;

I connected to his hotspot with my wifi

See his hotspot

So when I was checking his data balance and 2GO subscription balance with many things, these was his results below;

His 2GO data

When I dialled *131*4#

When I dialled *559#

When I dialled *559*2#

How to activate the 2GO subscription

Kindly go to your dial pad and dial *662*5# and choose between the subscription you like to use but I advice you to go for the one I did; 25naira.

As shown below;

I think I have fully expressed this 2GO browsing subscription that works for all applications and many things with download, so while I explained it this way was to tell you that it is not yet 100% verified by me which means I don't know yet if it works for some sims or all sims.

So try it out and tell me your results!

Is it helpful? Do you have any problem with this? Kindly tell us and if it works for you kindly share your experience here!


  1. if this works, i don hit jackpot be that

    trying mode

    1. Yea do it and tell your result here

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks bro...try it and share your experience

  3. Lols make me ma sef try am I will reply u soon about it thanks

  4. Bro what about the FinchVpn stuff of mtn unlimited browsing for we naija guys u promise to work on.?

  5. Abeg who don try am is it working?

  6. Admin is dis cheat really working?

    1. It ain't working, i just tried it

  7. As I have said above, It is not 100% verified but it works for me and brother and that's why I tried to enlighten you guys on it so you can try it and see if it work for you too.

  8. wat your mtn plan do you belong? so as to know wat to do

  9. Replies
    1. Yes is still working for me till now and I have been looking for the source but cannot find it till now.

  10. @blazerwap is it still working 4 u? Cos mine jst stop now..

  11. Emmanuel, does it power all ur app? and aw many meg av u used?

  12. Mr blazerwap I sub it n it did nt work for me

  13. Only one person have tested it and it seems not to work so you guys should not try it anymore till I look into this properly then I will come back to give my result.

  14. It work for one person and doesn't work for one that means it might be by luck

  15. Yes it might b a lucky stuff cos I sub it too bt didnt work for me as well.

    1. I think you are right because it seems it selects sim


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