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Monday, 15 August 2016

Singapore Zerocell Also Called Gio NG Simcard Offers Free 20$ Credit

Gio NG which is Zerocell from Singapore has started offering their customers free 20$ to subscribe for data, send unlimited sms without the credit being deducted and this sim has been configured to any location which means if you use it in nigeria, your network will change to Gio NG but if you are in Singapore, it will Change to Zerocell but it fluctuates when in Nigeria from Zerocell to Gio NG. As shown below;

When in Nigeria

When in Singapore

Well, I successfully decided to check my account balance with the sim card (Zerocell) and I was given free 20$ without recharging at all. I think this offer is from the service providers of the sim.

Don't mind me, my date 03 - 12 - 2009 doesn't mean that the screenshot is old because I just took the screenshots this morning is because I rebooted the Nokia navigator that's why the date changed to wrong date. You know when you reboot all these Nokia phones their date always scatter. So let's go on.

How to activate the 20$ from Zerocell sim

Kindly go to your dial pad and dial *000# and immediately, you will be rewarded with 20$ for free and the message that will pop up will be in this form below;

Thank you for using Zerocell, your local global network. Your balance is: 20

As shown below;

So if you have the sim kindly activate it now even in nigeria or Singapore or even around the world.

Normally, Singapore use SGD which is Singapore dollar. You can get the sim in their stores.

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  1. Shey den dey sell d sim for naija here?

  2. I know this is off thread that use 200 during the day browse free in the midnight not working just wasting of cash sorry you should have confirmed before posting I called the customer Care they say nothing like that

    1. Hey guy, call them again..... Tell them about it again that when you are on mtn ipulse that if you used 200naira in the daytime whether you won't get night free browsing....

      I used it even one of guy even used it last Friday night...

      I didn't say you should use it for subscription....just do it like this...

      If you want to call very well that day, just call till you use 200naira and you will be activated.

      @MTN NG on Twitter even tweeted it last week....just query them.


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