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Saturday, 20 August 2016

See Why Your Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.0KB Stopped Working! See Alternative Remedy!

Recently, i updated an Etisalat cheat which I taught it was unlimited but to my surprise from my blazerwap fans comments, it wasn't as I taught which means the Etisalat was capped. So have your etisalat Nxtfwd 0.0kb stopped working? I will enlighten you on how to alternatively make it work but not to your full enjoyment because I have been working hard to make it work but all seems to no avail till I later found out the real hidden truth behind it. I discovered this when I decided to connect the next day, just keep reading.

What was the hidden truth behind this Etisalat 0.0kb?

This Etisalat is not actually a data capped but a time based free browsing cheat that allows you to browse unlimitedly for 30minutes everyday. So if you are able to use up to 1GB within that 30minutes, is your luck because I don't think someone can use up to 1GB within 30minutes except using a laptop.

This Etisalat free browsing is always unlimited and has not been blocked so what I mean by this is that you can only use the data in 30minutes and that's what Etisalat also said about it when i was figuring out the server source which is and I finally discovered that is a time based free browsing from etisalat that was compressed using Psiphon vpns. As shown below;

So when you intend to download the application, you will be given free 30minutes offer but you can use Psiphon even without using the source.

How can I still use the Etisalat 0.0kb unlimited daily 30minutes free browsing (time based)?

As I have explained above, you need to use it with Psiphon vpn and you will be using the Etisalat time based plan for 30minutes in everyday just like that of Tweakware that you will have a daily data bandwidth to use so thats how this Etisalat is too. It is data capped of 30minutes.

So we are already working harder to make it unlimited for the blazer fans. Just stay updated!

Are you new to Etisalat 0.0kb Nxtfwd using Psiphon vpn? Kindly click here.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this information I just shared? If you have more questions kindly ask below and I will respond to you immediately.


  1. 30mins?
    Etisalat cheat no dey alwys last

  2. Seriously, their cheats just de one kind now

  3. Anyway I salute your efforts.You have really work hard.please do something to make it unlimited.Tanx.

  4. If am downloading when it reach 8mb it will be slow..

  5. Am using 3G,even when I try to watch movies online it will only play for few minutes and it will stopped

  6. Replies
    1. Just as what I said above, is time based free offer of 30minutes so connect everyday in 30minutes. So Within that 30minutes, you can download what you like.

  7. Hmn this etislat cheat sef

    Which one b 30mins wat can someone do with 30mins browsing

  8. This cheat is nonsense....u can't download anything.. It gets very slow after out of dis stupid Etisalat cheat...I think glo is beta than dis

  9. When it gets throttled, change location. The speed will be back up.

  10. Using 180mb everyday.. By changing sim cards each capped 60mb

    1. Yes that's also another alternative method to use it


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