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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Second Free Chance To Upgrade Your Desktop To Windows 10

Have you upgrade to Windows 10 after the free deadline date? If you haven't, this is another way to make that possible which is the second chance or backdoor.

Many people has missed the free upgrade of latest Windows 10 and few of these people intentionally decided not to upgrade because of one thing and the other like huge amount of data to upgrade, lack of awareness, ignorance and so many things.

Do you think all hope has lost? No! all hope is still active, you can surely use the backdoor method because Microsoft have successfully introduced another way to upgrade for free without paying any amount of money by visiting Assistive technology page especially for disabled people but Microsoft won't verify any of your details when visited.

Many people where all afraid of the new urgent upgrade of this new version of Windows but I don't think this offer will end because the ending date wasn't fixed. So I think they where using it to pressurize people in order for them to upgrade to the version because that is another way to make business more faster.

So you have another way to upgrade your desktop to windows 10 for free!

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new method of upgrading?


  1. The windows 10 upgrade is it offline?

    1. It has reached it deadline but This is the alternative way to upgrade for free

  2. I courteously have two windows on my sysmtem w7 & w10. the latter was an upgrade from w7,and loads of stuff are missing in windows 10.!!?

    1. Can you explain better because I don't understand You.


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