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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pending Cheat As Infinix Note 3 Is Coming With 7GB For 2,000naira Offer From Mtn

Come to think of it, 7GB for 2,000naira is so cheap and affordable and is coming from mtn as an offer for whoever buys Infinix note 3 and this kind of offer was also given to the people who bought Infinix hot 2 last two years, if you can remember, it was 500naira for 1GB for a month but now Infinix note 3 is coming with an offer which is more higher and affordable than that of Infinix 2 from mtn.

I hope you can remember when the Infinix hot 2 offer was going on that those people who doesn't have enough money to buy the phone tweaked their Imei to Infinix hot 2 phone and got the offer without buying the device? So this new coming Infinix note 3 is exactly like that and we need to join our hands together as one and make this cheat works for everyone without buying the phone.

How will this work?

If you have any friend or colleagues that has bought the Infinix note 3 device, kindly dial *#06# to check his phone Imei or from the packs of the phone and immediately you can write it down and drop it here on because this will surely help the blazers to enjoy this offer without buying the Infinix note 3 smartphone.

So after we have gotten the phone Imei, we will then tweak to the imei which will automatically make our phone looks like that of Infinix Note 3 and then we will be able to subscribe for the package by sending INFINIX to 131 after tweaking the imei.

So if you really agreed to this and want to gain this offer also kindly start dropping Infinix note 3 imei now as we continue to analyze it into millions for everyone here and remember if you join us, everyone will enjoy it and if you have it and keep it, that's bad which means everyone will lose the offer. So start dropping Infinix note 3 imei now!


Even self, many people are now enjoying the MTN KPALASA offer for free on their smartphones without buying any phone by luck when they remove their smartphones and insert mtn sim in it and they will be given the bonus. As shown below;

So don't dull yourself and what do you have to say about this offer and the tweaking? 


  1. but 7gb for 2000naira se ppls wil nt be able to afford it in dis present economy especially i my self cuz i can use useb2k for jst mb nd i wl nt be able to eat 10days...lolz

  2. Me neva get dough for subscribing anytin now make I still dey manage ma glo0.0kb


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