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Sunday, 14 August 2016

New Way To Use Your Glo 0.0KB On Desktop/PC Using Psiphon 3

Do you know that you can use your Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing on pc or desktop? Yes! It is 100% possible and it is also fast when using it on desktop just like using phone/mobile also. This glo 0.0kb is still working perfectly till date because glo cannot block the server for now.

Thousands of people are using it on mobile for now but you can connect it to your Psiphon in order to use it to download huge Files on your pc and surf the internet in more advanced way than even using a mobile phone. Sometimes it disconnect and it reconnect back immediately and it take time to drop but I also prefer this because is free of charge, it doesn't attract money at all or even talking of taking a dime from you.
So if you want to use it on desktop, you cannot just connect it to your desktop like that using hotspot because it won't work in that way using pdanet. This new system that i have successfully provided for he blazers is by using a new Psiphon for your desktop called PSIPHON 3 which is specially designed for the desktop/pc users in order to enjoy unlimited free browsing also. I can say Psiphon was initially developed for the Android users but after the massive request for the pc version, the developers decided to satisfy their users with the new Psiphon 3 version for only desktop users.

In this topic, we are dealing on how to use glo 0.0kb which is currently blazing and working for all Android users then on psiphon 3 for desktop users. Psiphon is a vpn for using data above the normal limit which is unlimited unlike Tweakware that has daily bandwidth in which a user can use up to.
This Psiphon 3 works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or even XP Computers and more.

Features of Psiphon 3 vpn for desktop users

  • Is free for personal use
  • Psiphon is an open source project
  • It can bypass restrictions on any website by network providers
  • You can choose whether to tunnel everything or just your web browser with Browser and Vpn (whole device)
  • It is unlimited with Daily bandwidth.

How to activate glo 0.0kb or use it on psiphon 3 with desktop/pc

Firstly, download the Psiphon 3 by clicking here and then take your Glo sim and insert it on any mobile phone and send PAYU to 127 then insert it in your modem and use glo default APN SETTINGS. Then after that, kindly launch your Psiphon 3 and apply this settings below in order to make it or start working.

Real proxy type: Real host
Real proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP or DEFAULT
Real proxy port: 8080

Then save and choose UNITED STATE as your country region and untick Connect through HTTP.

Then go back and connect, immediately you will start blazing unlimitedly with your Glo network of the 0.0kb without paying a dime.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any Problem while trying to set up, kindly ask more questions and I will resolve that immediately and if it work for you, kindly share your experience.


  1. Replies
    1. No bro....modem is a wireless device that they always insert sim on to browse on pc

  2. Replies
    1. Ok no you can't use your phone as a modem

  3. Lols as modem ke?
    Aw u wan take do am
    Just follow d simple instruction

  4. I can't find anything like real proxy server, real proxy port, real proxy type

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  6. I heard d etisalat chatpack is bak, shey na true?

    Pls help to confirm

    1. Ok i wen I confirm, I will make it up to you guys.

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  8. oga boss can't find where to input dose settings on psiphon 3.

    1. Click on the SETTINGS at the left corner of the Psiphon

    2. there is non like dat sir,or is there version one should download or a modded one.

    3. No modded one yet when there is, I will update it. So have you done it?

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  11. you can get the pc version via this link

  12. i wish i could upload it here but the link works fine...

  13. see the real link


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