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Monday, 29 August 2016

New Way To Send Unlimited Free Sms From Mtn To All Mtn Networks

Have you been spending money when sending sms message to your families, love ones, friends and colleagues while using mtn? Hmm that's bad! You can send free sms to them without paying a dime which means that when they are using mtn sim and you are using mtn sim too, you will be able to send free sms to them with this my tutorial because normally mtn charges 4naira per sms so let's go on and blaze it free.

How to activate free sms from Mtn to mtn network

It's easy and simple to activate because we are going to use USSD code for this tutorial. Although, some of you might have know this method because is an old trick but not 100% of people will know it so this will also let them know about it.

  • Go to your dial pad/phone
  • Dial *460*1# then you will receive a pop up message. As shown below.

  • Then go to your contacts and search for everyone using mtn network and start sending them messages for free.
As shown below;

Note: If you are sending sms and it stop kindly dial *406*2# and after sending many also that it stop, then dial *406*3# but it doesn't happen for everyone. Like me, I dialled the code and immediately it started working without stopping so blaze better and use your sms as a chat to your families. 

Keep blazing!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem or issue with this tutorial kindly ask questions and we will reply you immediately and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. U did a great work... but i think i will stick with my mtn ipulse because i cant get cheap browsin in biztalk plan... more knowledge bro

  2. can someone plz post a tecno y3 custom recovery
    am in need of it

  3. or u guyz can direct me to were I can download it from, I have tried Google but I got nothing.
    plz can somebody help me

    1. Custom recovery or Tecno y3 stock ROM?

  4. @seun samuel
    like u read ma mind, i stil prefer mtn ipulse to dis,
    wit call rate of 11k/s sms @ #4 per one
    free nyt browsing
    cheap data plan
    infact mtn pulse is d best

  5. I need the tecno y3 custom recovery,plz help me.

    1. Tecno y3 custom recovery does not exist yet....only y6 and other tecno products

  6. u can opt in and opt out of Mtn Impulse anyhow u like, no access fee or hidden charges.

  7. u can opt in and opt out of Mtn Impulse anyhow u like, no access fee or hidden charges.


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