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Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Way To Locate Saved Wifi Without Rooting An Android Phone

You can now locate a saved wifi connection on Android device without rooting that particular device not like the former Method to root before getting in to that. So in this tutorial, your will be doing without rooting hmmm some people are always afraid to void their phone warranty by rooting.

So this topic will release the way on how to check or view any available WiFi connections around you using your Android device. So let's go on;

How to view any saved wifi connection

  • Then to start, you need to be connected to a router and kindly download Router setup page apk android application by clicking here then launch the application after successful installation. The application automatically detects the router that the device is connected to.

  • So after that, kindly input your router login details and also remember that every router make use of two specific logins details by default and sometimes, it doesn't get changed. So is either you make use of USER as your password and username or ADMIN because the of them works effectively.
  • So aftee that, your will be redirected to the router dashboard then click on wifi tab and navigate down and wow! you will see the saved wifi password and if it doesn't display or hidden, kindly click on the SHOW PASSWORD box.

Very easy and fast without any stress and with this way or method, you will be able to view any saved WiFi password around you for free and without rooting.


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