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Monday, 8 August 2016

New Way To Know If Someone Is Secretly Using Your Gmail Account

Are you trying to know the person that is secretly login in your Gmail account and getting all your private information and many other hidden files that might have been sent to you from your email partner? It is very simple and easy to know that particular person that has been secretly accessing your account from your present which means in your absence.

Gmail account is from Google is a platform where you will be able to create your email account and it can be used in almost every where in the website like Android password recovery, Google Adsense, YouTube, accessing mails and many other things. I can also say that Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages at any time and period of his or her wishes just as simply explained above.

Sometimes we fall into the hands or be a victim of a hi - ja*ker that might be getting information after they have successfully penetrated the e-mail and a wi*ked hija*ker will eventually delete the Gmail account and it may lead to lost of important messages and files so you have to get on in other to curb your account from the bad people.

How to know who is secretly accessing your Gmail account

  • Kindly Visit using your phone, look for view Gmail in Desktop. Or rather use a Computer to visit Gmail. (You must be logged in).
  • Once you are in Desktop view and login successfully, kindly scroll down.
  • On the bottom right corner of the screen, look for the part that says Last Account Activity. Click on details.
  • You will see a list of the last ten times your account, indicating the IP address of the computer or device as well as where you accessed it from.
See sscreenshots below;

If you see an IP address that looks strange or not familiar from unknown or suspicious location that you don't know kindly change your password in order for the unknown or annoymous HI-JA*KER not to get access to it again and if you leave it without changing your password hmmm you might lose your account in just moment.

This new feature that Gmail has successfully released out to the users is yet to be released by other SMTP website which is mail websites too like Yahoo and MSN.

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