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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New Way To Highlight Author Comments In Blogger

Are you a blogger and want to get more of your followers interaction by highlighting your comments? Yes! You are truly at the right place to make that possible by inserting some codes to your blogger template. Let me express more of the feature this code will add to to your blogger especially when commenting.

Commenting is the ultimate way or method to interact with your blog members and increasing the relationship between you and your visitors. As a blogger, you need this feature in your blogger, what if many people do comment on your blog and you don't have this feature on your blog or they may be asking you some questions which seeks your answer but after your reply, they where not able to recognize your comments.
Another reason may be from the commentators of your blogger, as we all know that is not everybody that comment positively some may comment with the name ADMIN as his or her name in order to mislead your fans hmmm what if the commentator comments was negative how will you reverse this when many of your fans would have received the information?

So if you wish to add author comments highlighter feature kindly follow this process below;

How to highlight Author comments 

  • Login your blogger dashboard
  • Enter your Template
  • Then click on EDIT HTML
  • Press  CTRL+F from your desktop and then find </body> or if you are using mobile phone kindly look for y manually.
  • Then copy the below code just above the </body>
  • Then click SAVE TEMPLATE and see the changes when you comment on your blog.
 Copy from here!

As shown below;

As you can see, this blog has the feature. So it will help you out in many ways.

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Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems while setting this up? Kindly drop comments and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Wow.... Thats really really great. Thanks so much for this great and helpfull tips. Thanks alot

  2. Thanks for sharing this bro... I actually applied this to my blog and works well.

    This my first time of visiting/commenting on your blog and I must say you are really doing a great Job here.

    But I think there are somethings not right here!

    1. Your search box is not working
    2. I find it hard to copy the codes here!
    3. Also the "Receive our updates via Your Email" at the side bar is not ok

    Kindly resolve this things. Try Check them out.

    Commenting from PronoahTECH Technology Universe

    Would like to do a guest post here!

    1. I really appreciate your welcome here and according to your errors founded in this website, I have successfully resolved all.

      1. The search is done by searching with keywords not full search E.g Cheats not how to get free cheats .

      2. To copy from textarea is allowed but to copy from post is not accepted that's why you experienced that. The textarea is above.

      3. The email subscription process is working also.

      Thanks! Linking too is allowed.

      So about your guest post kindly email me with it via

      Thanks! Just keep blazing!

    2. I think you should try check that with Moxilla from Desktop.

    3. Ok i will look into that and drive you feedback later ... thanks for alerting me.

    4. Thanks I have successfully resolved it now

  3. nice one commenting from


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