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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Way To Backup Your Data For Free

A guest post from DAVID.GREY a professional writer and a technology expert.

How to Back Up Your Data For Free

Do you have a backup for your data? If not, you might be in trouble. There's a million things that can go wrong and make you lose all your data, or at least a critical part of it.

It's especially critical to have a backup if you're running a website or blog on your own. In that situation, if you lose your data, it's not just a few valuable pictures you're losing. There are years of hard work and earnings at stake here. Good thing that there is a simple and not to mention free way of backing up your data. It's called Vobla.

It's installed by pasting a one-line command into the server's console. After it's installed, users must go to the web panel to configure what's going to be backed up on their servers. The entire process takes minutes to complete, and users can start backing up right away.

Vobla uses the Continuous Data Protection method of backing up. It's an alternative to the snapshot method, where all files existing at a set time are uploaded. CDP is more efficient, because it only backs up files that have sustained changes. That is, only new and recently modified files will be uploaded, which allows for more effective resource usage.

Before they're uploaded tot the cloud, all user's files are encrypted using AES 256 protection and then transferred over SSL. Encryption keys are always only available on the user's server. That's unparalleled secureness.

A great feature in Vobla is server monitoring. Once it's installed, Vobla starts collecting data on resource usage of whatever machine it's installed on. All this data is displayed in real-time on the page of the server in the web control panel. It shows things like Memory load, HDD and Network usage, as well as other stuff. If you're hosting your own blog, you can get information on your server's status at any time you like.

As a bonus feature, Vobla periodically sends users emails containing a digest of information on the server's resource usage. It calculates how well it's been working, and this can be used to highlight and prevent critical issues before they happen.

Vobla also supports MySQL backups. The free account allows for up to 5 GB of data uploaded to the cloud. This should be sufficient for bloggers uploading their posts, but more data is also available, and the options aren't expensive at all.

A guest post from DAVID.GREY a professional writer and a technology expert.

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