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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Version Of Kingroot 4.9.5 To Root Any Devices For Android And Desktop

Have you been trying to root that your particular device ( Desktop or Phone) but seems to be stubborn for rooting? Here I come with the solution from the new version of Kingroot 4.9.5 which can root any device in just a few seconds or minutes without stressing your self.

Kingroot has been the best application everybody use for rooting because is fast and easier to use and enable but sometimes reliable unlike kingoroot and many others rooting application. What I mean by this is that, Kingroot new version has brought the ultimate solution to root any stubborn device that may use another application to root.

So if you are the type trying to root your device for a long time now that seems impossible, just try out this updated version and your solution will come to pass within a twinkle of an eye.

Benefits of rooting 

  • Installing Custom ROMs
  • Remove Preinstalled Crapware
  • Blocking Ads in Any Applications
  • Install Incompatible Applications
  • Keep latest Android OS
  • Change Skin for your Android
  • Boost your Android Device’s Speed and Battery Life
  • Make Complete Backups of Your Android Phone or Tablet
Disadvantages of rooting

  • Root can Brick Your Device
  • Say Good-Bye to the Warranty
  • Problems with Updates
These disadvantages of rooting don't just affect your phone like that, except you are trying to do any wicked act with the rooting.

How to Setup your Kingroot to root your device

  1. Download and install the latest version of 4.9.5 for desktop here and Android Here.
  2. So after successful downloading and installation process, launch your Kingroot and wait for your Kingroot to fully Analyze your device within some seconds it will bring out a new window which means it will display a new window.
  3. Then tap on the big blue icon displaying on the screen and it will start rooting immediately but make sure you have internet access which is data connection in order to complete the rooting process to 100%.
  4. You have successfully rooted your device (desktop or phone)!

How to check if your phone have been rooted

Kindly go to Playstore and install kingroot checker and launch the application and click on VERIFY ROOT immediately you will get a green mark that your device has been rooted. As shown below;

Is it helpful? Do you still find it difficult to root your device? Kindly tell us! If it works for you kindly share your experience below!


  1. Please blazers I'm having a little issue with my phone, if i minimize my opera mini to another app, it will automatically close and start again,please help because I'm frustrated

    1. Your ram is the one causing it, it may be because you run too many applications at a time without closing them and it can also be from your operamini.

      So kindly delete some things from your phone like videos, musics and many things you don't like and don't run too many heavy applications at a time.

      If is from your operamini kindly install new updated version of Opera mini.

      Is it Helpful?

  2. Yes thanks

    Please any working cheat

    1. Just stay updated, I will update that soon

  3. Blazer WAP have been able to root with this new version. How do I move build in applications to SD card. What app do I use

    1. Am sorry for the late reply kindly use Apps 2 SD to Move your apps to SD which is memory card

  4. how can i speed up my phone after rooting because it is slow


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