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Saturday, 13 August 2016

New Two Ways To Resolve Your Glo Data Network Not Displaying 3G/EDGE/GPRS/HSDPA

Have you been using the glo 0.0kb and suddenly you discovered that your data network which are the 3G,4G,H+,Edge and Gprs are not displaying anymore? Instead the network will show but you won't see any sign of Data Network on it? Yea I have successfully find two solutions to resolve that immediately and perfectly which will be treated in this topic.

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I have been receiving alot of complaints about it and even some of the blazer fans concluded that it was Glo that has finally blocked their network from accessing the internet but that was totally NO! because it only happened to the people who uses the glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing without paying a dime but in some other side, i can also say that glo suspended their lines because they discovered that the cheat was being used alot from that particular person that he doesn't want to subscribe for their normal data and also, it can also happen when a user tries to use an invalid apn settings which means there are some apn settings that is not already configured for the phone that a user tries to use it by force.

So if you have been using different apn settings alot, you might not see your data network anymore except you remove or reset that apn to default. So let's go on to resolve this issues below;

First method resolve this issue of glo data network

One thing that may cross your mind is that, if you recharge your Glo line as long as you on PAYU will revive your data network back and that's a total WRONG ANSWER to the issue at hand.

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So this first method deals with the suspension of your Glo line from accessing the internet and in here, you will be able to activate it using these steps below.

  • Load a recharge card or if you have already, kindly move to the step because is only 50naira that is needed to activate it here.
  • The buy 30mb for 50naira by sending 14 to 127 as text message and immediately you have successfully purchased the data plan and it Valids for 1day. As shown below;

  • Then immediately your Glo network will come back to life again and then you can start blazing with your Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing again without paying a dime just like before.
Second method to resolve your Glo data network issue

This method deals with your apn settings because I know many people like changing their APN settings always even with wrong or not configured ones so you can also resolve the glo data network not displaying issue with this settings below;

  • Go to the your SETTINGS
  • Then click on mobile network or cellular network
  • Then click on Access point and names 
  • Next is to click on RESET APN TO DEFAULT
  • So your apn will come back like the normal apn settings that has been configured by glo network for your device.
  • So you can now use a better good apn like Glosecure,Gloflat and many others.
As shown below;

So with that, you will be able to overcome the glo data network not displaying issue and you can start blazing!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions below and if it works for you kindly share your experience! 

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  1. Replies
    1. It will surely work, just entry it out

  2. Seems mine dey work using both glosecure and gloflat

  3. @blazer mine have been display but glo free has stop working any solution for it

  4. Yea my h+ has been removed that for the info I will give it a try

    1. Yea give it a try and drop your feedback

  5. Ok thanks but I used Xblast tool to resolve mine

    1. Yea that is also good to resolve it

  6. i check my settings everythings seems normal but it still showing handshake failed

    1. Hmmm how many mb have used out from the 300mb Tweakware gives?

  7. @ [color=red]Muhsin yusuf[/color] is bcos you have Exhausted ur 200MB Free Data server on the Tweakware get a Premium Account for unlimited do u need One Call WhatsApp 08132807742

  8. almost 200mb and i even tried to used device id changer to accumulated more 300mb but it still showing handshake failed

    1. As you can see, the glo 0.0kb is Working perfectly and for everyone. You might be using the older version of Tweakware which the daily bandwidth is 150mb or 200mb but Tweakware now have new version 3.4 which the daily bandwidth is 300mb so if you are still using the older version kindly update via playstore.

      One of the reason is saying connection failed is because you have finished the Daily bandwidth because you didn't you didn't use it up yesterday and today, you will have to finish it before another 300mb can be given to you. So you have to wait till tomorrow and another 300mb will given to you and always try to finish the 300mb In a day and if it has finished, you can then use ID Changer and continue again or if you are not able to use ID CHANGER kindly use psiphon vpn.

      I hope is helpful?

  9. Blazer WAP my Glo data network has stopped showing for a while now which has even made me abandon it. Thanks for the update will put it in motion

  10. Plz add 08181240258 to blazerwap WhatsApp group

  11. I was told dat after exulting d mb d data network woun't display again go back to d same way...... Tho i just sub mine....

    1. If it happen back again then u have to use the second Method

  12. Just tried the second method but still the same thing happened well let me try the first method


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