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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Two Fastest Browsers You Have To Be Using - AC And Xman Browser

Are you still using Uc browser or opera mini? Why don't you try out these browsers  too because they are also simple, lightweight, data saving and energy saving web browsers that will save your data perfectly without consuming much data from your internal memory storage unlike uc browser that is fast but consumes alot of internal memory when used.

So I will be introducing these two wonderful browsers for you which are called AC BROWSER And XMAN BROWSER. So let's see them now.

Download And Features Of AC BROWSER 

AC browser is a lightweight, secure, fast, easy, simple, safe high-speed mobile browser, with simple features. It has page loading speed and HTML5 support and many others that outperform Firefox and chrome in many ways. See some of it features below;

  • Small - 700kb, 2 seconds to be installed, 0 second to get started.
  • Fast: - quickly open the page without having to wait to make surfing the Internet easy and enjoyable
  • Economize - no image mode monthly savings of about 60% traffic
  • Fun - stunning H5 games without downloading, point-and-play.
  • Smart - website recommendation and browsing history recording
  • Sharing - share with your friends something interesting invarious ways
  • Night mode - try this feature when reading novel for a long time,.
  • Font adjustment - free to choose the text size
  • Customize: You can add any of your favorite sites to the homepage
  • Tiny Size - Despite its small package, get a great browsing experience!
  • Navigation Cards - Get local content & services (such as videos, cricket, hot star etc) on your navigation.
  • Fast Browsing - Faster browsing mode for time and data usage saving.
  • Smart Downloading - Supports multiple, background, and cloud downloading with auto reconnection.
  • Control Videos with Gestures - Gesture commands added to control video progress and adjust volume.
  • Incognito Browsing - Incognito browsing protects your privacy.

The best features of AC browser are;

  1. Flash player
  2. AdBlock Browser
  3. Hot Star Browser
  4. Incognito browsing
  5. Fast download
  6. Gestures
  7. Sonar
  8. Add-ons

Where can I download it?

You can download AC Browser by clicking here.

Download and features of XMAN BROWSER

XMAN BROWSER is a super fast browser that entails many features and it is very good for you as a blazer fan. This browser saves data and power with no background process and intelligent quick access, search, Read-It-Later and a full screen browsing experience. See some of it features;

  1. Super Fast
  2. Intelligent Auto-filled
  3. Tiny Size-less than 1M
  4. Intelligent Search
  5. Humanized Browsing
  6. Offline Reading
  7. Few background permission requests
  8. Night Mode

Let me explain it more better now so see the features below;

  • Super Fast: Excellent optimized strategy , super fast browser as lightning.
  • Intelligent Auto-filled: Useful for you when input website url,automatically adding Web suffixes,easy for any website visit.
  • Tiny size: Less than 1M,X browser offers more browsing experience ,small body, powerful ability. It is mini web browser.
  • Intelligent search: Smart recommendation, intelligent hot words - assistant input and search.
  • Humanized browsing: Slightly pull up to enter full screen, pull down to invoke search box, very simple full screen experience. 
  • Offline reading: Keep the webpage for later reading, no worry about internet access .
  • Night Mode: Your eye protecting is so important for us when browsing in dim light.
  • Few background permissions requests: We request the least background permissions from your mobile among other browsers .

Where can I download XMAN BROWSER?

You can download it by clicking here.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about these browsers?


  1. Wow is this really the size of both browsers

  2. What are they use for..?

  3. me no fancy phone browsers, prefer using my UC browser and opera mini, fastest browsers ever

  4. I no even like UI of those browsers u posted here.

  5. i lik ui most i mean handlers cuz dey cn easy be use


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