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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New Two Best Android Application To Make Your Blogging Easy And Fast

Have you been looking for the best Android app(S) to make your blogging easy and fast instead of using the main blogger big note pad? Yes you can blog directly from your phone using Android application because is the fastest and the best way than using the blogger own.

After looking up for the best Android application for long now, I later discovered two good Android application that will make it up to you and they are very simple and easy to use which is not complicated. So these application are called BLOGIT and BLOGGERIOD. So let me explain their functions.

Blogit has the power to arrange your pictures properly when blogging unlike the other applications that can't arrange your pictures properly but rather post your pictures at the bottom side of your well written post and that's very bad. So try out these applications and you won't be using your laptop/desktop anymore.

Features of BlogIt blogging application

  • Rich Editor support starting from Android ICS.
  • View/Delete/Add Comments.
  • Add images to your posts (Local Images and Picasa/Photos)
  • Common HTML tags (italic,bold,strike,paragraph,break,link) and common labels helper.
  • Tabbed Posts/Comments navigation.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Multiple blogs.

It has the ability for you to use two blogs on it and also use multiple accounts with many features as stated above and I believe you will like the application because is very good to have as a blogger on your Android device.

Download BlogIt application .apk here now.

So let's go on with, BLOGGERIOD application hmmm before BLOGGERIOD was not friendly to Android 6.0 Marshmallow but currently they have released new update that is now friendly to your lollipop or Android 6.0 Marshmallow device so go for BLOGGERIOD and make your blogging life easier and faster with your Android.

Features of BLOGGERIOD blogging application

  • Add multiple images to your blogger posts.
  • Create draft posts.
  • Share your posts to Google+ (if installed) and other applications.
  • Create and edit posts on any of your blogs, create & delete comments. 
  • Work with multiple blogs/Blogger accounts.
  • Save and Load your posts to and from SD.
  • Add information where you are to blog post.
  • Use simple "wikisyntax" like **bold**, __italic__, --strike--, ^^superscript^^ and [link text http://linkAddress] (for example [Blogger] will create link to with text Blogger.

So you can choose out of the two Android application and download in order to start blogging without using real blogger dashboard note pad. This will surely make your blogging very simple and easy.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this applications? You can also drop the best application if you have many that will make blogging easier and faster below in the comment box. So start blazing when you are blogging.

This guest post was successfully written by onasanya Tunde, a tech writer and the owner of He loves to associate with bloggers and provides their needs, you can meet him on Facebook with


  1. This copy and paste no go help you, if you can't give credits to my work, then take it down, and yes I blog from

    1. Please check your blog properly because this is not copy and paste work. Is a guest post from onasanya Tunde and I didn't even write it the way he gave me because I changed everything entirely.

      Check your post and this post if they look alike.

    2. Ero, i visited your blog just now and you focused on just bloggeriod.

      The original post i gave to Blazerwap only mentioned bloggeroid i did not elaborate at all on bloggeroid.

      If you are still in doubt kindly visit to see the original post.

      Thank You


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