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Monday, 22 August 2016

New Solution To The Airtel 1,500 For 6GB Double Billing On Android Device

Does airtel remove or zap your data fast when you subscribe for the Airtel 1,500naira for 6GB on Android? That means, you are on the right topic and here is the solution to that problem you might have been facing with that subscription.

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As we all know that airtel describes that subscription that is usable on all devices but that was true and it was not fully true because Android users are always double billed for that subscription but blackberry (BB) users enjoys it till the 6GB got finished without being double billed or zapped. Meanwhile, airtel also said that it is only for blackberry users and blackberry users are not much like that of Android fans so we cannot get a blackberry phone to only enjoy this, so that why I have decided to look for a solution to this problem Android users might have been facing currently.

Well, when I tried it, Airtel didn't zap my data at all till it got to the end so you too should use this method and your data won't get zapped or double billed and you can also note that is not all Android fans are experiencing this problem from the subscription but is better you also apply this method to make you stand firm with your data.

How to make my Airtel 6GB for 1,500naira stand firm without being zapped or double billed

In here, you need to tweak which means change your Android Imei/serial number to that of blackberry (BB) imei so I will drop the Imei you need to change it to and not any how blackberry imei. These are the blackberry imei below;

  • 358265010779665
  • 358265016799402
  • 358265017739480
  • 358265011789853
  • 358265018769114
  • 358265016799766
  • 358265016779230
  • 358265010789508
  • 358265014729559
  • 358265013749921
  • 358265017749240
  • 358265019759932
  • 358265010779178
  • 358265017749109
  • 358265014779877
  • 358265015749291
  • 358265017789550
  • 358265014779323
  • 358265012719271
  • 358265015739151
  • 358265012799638
  • 358265017779692
  • 358265016729466
  • 358265017799013
  • 358265012769474

Kindly tweak only one imei and you are done. So you have to tweak your Imei before subscribing for the Airtel 6GB for 1,500naira.

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So after tweaking your phone Imei kindly reboot your device or better still, remove your phone battery and insert it back in order for the data to regain it better state. So you can then start blazing with it and I bet it, it will never zap or double billed till you change your Imei back to Android device.

No more zapping and double Billing

Note: Write your Android Imei down in order to tweak back after exhausting the data subscription which is the 6GB from airtel and If you want to go for another subscription kindly tweak back to Android and tweak back to blackberry again and blaze better again.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while setting this up, kindly tell us below and if it works for you kindly share your experience.


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    1. This is mtn apn, I am Talking about the Airtel

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