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Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Released Google Duo Video Calling Application For Android And Apples (IOS)

Wow! Google has successfully released a new calling application which is called Google Duo and it was recently released by Google for both Android and IOS users. I can also say that Google Duo is 1and1 calling application.

Google stated that; 

"Today, we’re releasing Google Duo — a simple 1-to-1 video calling app available for Android and iOS, Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are."

See some features of this Google Duo Application below;

  • This Google Duo was specially designed for Edge networks which means it was developed and featured added to only work on 2G networks which is very slow. 
  • It allows you to register your phone number in order to also connect to the people in your phone or mobile contacts.
  • It can automatically switch from your mobile data connection to available WiFi without perturbing or interrupting your ongoing video call.
  • It was also packed with a feature called KNOCK KNOCK which will allow you to see the live video of the person calling before proceeding to pick the call of the person.
Yea this is wonderful features from Google and I think with time, they will continue to add more features to it.

Google also added to the statement which says;

"It makes video calling more spontaneous and welcoming,"

Where to install or download this Google Duo Video Calling Application

This application has not reached everybody which means is still rolling out and is available on Google playstore but has COMING SOON placed on it. So click on the application and click on PREGISTER in order for them to alert you immediately is out for you.

So what do you have to say about this new Google Duo Video Calling Application?


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