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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New Mtn Family Free Data Bonus By Tweaking Phantom 5 Imei Valid For 6months

Unbelievable! Get up-to and more than 10GB on mtn from phantom 5 imei which is the current blazing data from Mtn Family network offers. This is the new blazing cheat from Mtn which they give and provide for all their customers but in here, we will be using Imei tweaking to multiply the data and make it eligible for all mtn customers and users.

Mtn Family is an offer from MTN that gives you 100% bonus on any data you purchased or buy. You will be enjoying this offer for complete 6months which is the Validity period. So all blazers in the community have to invite their friends and families here in order to blaze this unlimited data from Mtn Family offer. It is a very good opportunity and time for any MTN users to get more data value with the same amount of money although it's not meant for everyone but i will show you how you will enjoy it even if you are not eligible for the bonus.

So to make it up to yourself also, you will be tweaking a Tecno Phantom 5 IMEI or serial number and MTN is giving users of the device surprising "100% Bonus On Any Data Plan they purchase" which after successful activation, will run till the next six months as I have said above. So to be a partaker of this phantom 5 bonus from Mtn, you will have to tweak your device imei then you will be successfully given this free bonus also no matter the device you might be using so far it can tweak an imei.

Benefits of this new bonus

This data bonus goes like this, assuming you purchase or buy a normal data plan from Mtn which cost 1.5GB for 2000naira, you will be given free 3GB for six month and also if you purchase 3.5GB for 2,000naira, you will be given free 7GB for free valid for six months and all works unlimitedly on all devices.

How to be eligible for this offer

Normally, is not meant for everyone just as I have said above but I you can be eligible by tweaking your device imei so the imei is;


Kindly tweak it using mtk engineering or mobile uncle and then do not send any message just wait for the message to arrive and you will be successfully eligible for this offers. The message will be in this format below;

Welcome to MTN family, please dial *131# to buy any data bundle and enjoy INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS for the next 6months. Happy surfing.

As shown below;


So after tweaking, and your Imei have successfully received the message kindly migrate to MTN beta talk by dialing *123*2*6#. You are all done. From henceforth, once you purchase any data from MTN, you will be given another data worth the same value of what you purchased. So you can now check all MTN available data plans and bundles by dialing *131# and enjoy 100% bonus for any data purchased.

Note: After tweaking the imei and you didn't receive any reply from mtn, kindly tweak another Imei and you will be successfully among the people that will enjoy the offer which means you will be eligible for the offer immediately.

Mtn Family imei or serial number to tweak that I have analyzed

  • 356602075753098 
  • 356602075753080 
  • 356602075753072 
  • 356602075753056 
  • 356602075753023 
  • 356602075753031 
  • 356602075753049 
  • 356602075753015 
  • 356602075753114 
  • 356602075753106 
  • 356602075753155 
  • 356602075753197 
  • 356602075753189 
  • 356602075753171 
  • 356602075753148 
  • 356602075753122 
  • 356602075753130 
  • 356602075753163 

How to tweak imei/serial number

You might be new to tweaking and some are old in tweaking also which means the old tweakers will understand what  i mean. So I know that is not everybody that can tweak their Imei or even able to analyze their Imei so kindly follow this links below and get your Imei tweaked to enjoy this offer also.

So tweak those imei I dropped above and enjoy your data bonus from Mtn Family. My screenshots are loading very soon!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems while trying to set this up, kindly ask your questions below and if it work for you just as it work for me kindly share your experience below.

Make sure you share this also to your friends and families because is 100% working by clicking this share buttons below.


  1. Nice post but where is the money?? Will try it wen i gather enough ba!

  2. Cool but just that I don't own a phantom

    1. Yes that's what I just resolved above, you can use any Android phone to tweak the phantom 5 imei and get your self eligible without buying phantom 5

  3. Can one change imei to default immediately after getting the message? Or 1 av to leave d imei for d 6 months validity?

    1. You can change it back to default but you must first receive that message from Mtn

  4. Hmmm,wat if after receiving d message den we change it bak to default ,won't it cancel d eligibility?

    1. No it won't....but just leave it in d family imei in case if you want to subscribe multiple times

  5. Pls, after successful tweaking and confirmation message, Wil I still be eligible even after removing d Sim from d phone I used to tweak?

    1. Yes of course but so far you have received that message

  6. Must I migrate to beta talk, can't i get my double data on mtn purse? 👛
    Thanks for your reply

    1. You can get it on ipulse but after your tweaking and you received your message, you will have to migrate in order to surf it better then you can migrate back

  7. All these Imei number are infinix hot note 3,but yu said the cheat is working for phantom

    1. These imei is working for phantom so to get your data bonus without buying phantom phones, you will have to tweak that MTN family imei and they are not for Infinix kindly tweak it and you will the result.

  8. Assuming that I subscribe for 1.5gig this month and get 3gig. Will I still be able to get the bonus MB the following month even without subscribing??

    1. No you won't be able to get it except you subscribe again....In every of your recharges, you will be given your data bonus.

  9. Therefore, mtn 2k for 7gb and airtel 1500 for 4gb
    Which is better. Mtn on point

    1. Mtn 2k for 7GB has been blocked kindly go for 1500 for 4GB

  10. I mean 2k for 3.5gb, then get double which makes it 7gb using the above trick

    1. Go for this one I mean the 2K for 3.5gb which is 7GB

  11. Can 1 share d bonus data to anoda mtn sim?

  12. Hmmm...dis bonus data of a tin sef.
    The truth is ppl re nt ready to subscribe to any data plan
    Cheat ti take ova

  13. Na who wan subscribe kwanu.... Everybody. Want free stuff

  14. will prefer Airtel to dis . #1500 for 3gb and will b given 6gb


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