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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New List Of Mtn, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel Cheap Call Rates And Tariff Plans

You might like to browse all day but that doesn't stop you from calling your friends, families, colleagues and others because is an important thing when using a smartphone. So you might want to be calling at a cheaper rate in order to call better so that's why I have decided to list out the best tariff plans for you in all networks in nigeria in order to reduce your calling exhaustion and to always receive bonus also.

Let me Analyze it better, there are alot of people searching google search engine in order to get the best tariff plan which might take them time to get the result they might be seeking and this article will always bring an end to that issue and also, if a telco releases or launch a tariff plan, other telcos will want to follow so that's why I have decided to combine these plans for you blazers.

The cheapest tariff Plan for Etisalat network

Try out the Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 Limited Edition that offers calls at 11k/s to all local networks, 20k/s to four international destinations - China, India, USA and UK landlines.

Note: N5.00 daily access fee will be deducted once you make your first call. SMS - N4.00 (local networks).

To activate this tariff plan, kindly dial *420*1# to migrate then dial *244*3# to confirm.

The cheapest tariff Plan for Airtel network

Airtel has a Smarttalk plan which offers calls at 11k/s from the very first second to local networks which means N6.60/min, international calls at 20k/s to Canada, China, India, UK and USA.

Note: A daily access fee of N5.00 is charged once you make your first call. SMS – N4.00 (local networks).

To activate, kindly dial *315# or sms YES to 315. Then start making call at a cheaper rate with airtel network.

The cheapest tariff Plan for Mtn network

I will be listing out two of its best tariff plans for cheaper call rates which are beta talk and Truetalk.

True talk:  It offers 11k/s, call all local networks in Nigeria and 20k/s to 4 international destination (China, India, UK and USA).

Note: Access fee of #5.00 is deducted daily at the first voice call. SMS N4.00 (local networks).

To activate, kindly dial *123*20# to migrate.

Beta talk: It offers calling all local networks at 11k/s and 40k/s to 5 international destinations- Canada, China, India, UK and USA. On beta talk, you get 200% bonus on all recharges of 100naira and above. You will enjoy your bonus airtime for 7 straight days and the bonus airtime will be available for national calls, national SMS and PAYG data. You will also be given free 10mb on recharges of 100naira but once in a week.

Dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 to get started.

The cheapest tariff Plan for Glo network

Glo Gbam plus: offers calling all local networks at 11k/s and 20k/s to 5 international destinations- Canada, China, India, UK and USA. SMS rates for local and international is #4.00 and #10.00 respectively.

Note: N5.00 is deducted only on days one make chargeable calls.

To activate, kindly migrate by dialling *100*6*1#.

Is it helpful? Which Tariff Plan do you prefer and on which network?


  1. but between airtel nd mtn cnt say

  2. Liar! Mtn better talk is 40kobo/second. U think mtn will give u 200℅ bonus and charge u at 6.6 per min? Pls do ur assignment well and publish d right thing. Mtn better talk gives u 200℅ bonus and charges 40kobo per second. Thank you.

    1. Am sorry I have edit it back now...i made a mistake

  3. Mtn ipulse still d best!
    best tarrif plan on mtn

  4. Still not correct, mtn better talk is 40kobo per second to mtn numbers and still 40kobo per second to other networks thats what am using mr man, it is shit tarrif because even if u have data on your fone mtn will still deduct from the bonus they gave u anytime u put your data on. I wanted to subscribe for 1.5gig so i migrated to better talk so that i will have 2000 to make call after they deduct 1000 from main balance for data, they gave me 2000 bonus as usual and i subscribed for 1.5gig. After 5mins i wanted to make call only to see that they have zoomed d 2k they gave me. Its nt advisable to be on mtn better talk

    1. Yea is true but if you are are caller Fan only, you will enjoy it but if you are data killer, mtn pulse is the best

  5. MTN beta talk is a trash cos it's 40kobo per second to MTN numbers.The cheapest tarrif of MTN which are discreetly hidden by MTN are MTN EXTRASPECIAL,which is 15kobo/sec and #9/min to all networks.To migrate dial *408#.Theres no hidden charges Iam currently using this tarrif.The other one is MTN XTRAPRO which is 11kobo/sec and #6.60k per minute but with a daily access fee of #5 OR 20K/sec and #12/min with no daily access fee.To migrate dial *401#.Infact with these tarrifs you are allow to call some foreign countries which includes USA,Canada Britain and others at 20k/sec.


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