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Saturday, 20 August 2016

New Etisalat Night, Evening, Weekend Plan Of 2GB For 1,000naira And 5GB For 2000naira

Etisalat is back again with their weekend and night plan subscription of 2GB for 1000naira and 5GB of 2000naira only with a free whatapp bonus to browse whatsapp unlimitedly. This data plan was released after the Night plan of Etisalat 1GB for 200naira that was unveiled not long ago, which has caused total confusion among the etisalat users fully knowing that other networks or telcos offers more affordable night plan and cheaper night plan just like that of the Airtel network that offers 1.5GB for 50naira.

So this means that Etisalat has taken this to another level by being the number one first telecom operator to offer weekend and evening plan which starts from 7PM and ends by 6:49pm in the next day and the Whatsapp unlimited access for all day.

Many people prefer Etisalat than some other networks mainly because of their fast internet connection access in every location unlike that of glo network that is sluggish in nature so almost all Etisalat customers are not happy with the network anymore but currently searching for the best and cheaper network in other telecoms mainly because of the economic situation Africa countries are currently facing even that cannot make you not to surf the internet.

So in this post, let take a look and view of the newly Etisalat weekend and night plan which was just released that is the 2GB for 1000naira and 5GB for 2000naira only with the subscription codes, benefits and validity period.

The Etisalat 2GB for 1000naira

This data plan of Etisalat 2GB for 1000naira can also be called an evening plan so the browsing starts from 7PM to 6:59AM everyday and the whole day on weekend which is Friday to Sunday.

You can subscribe to it by dialling *229*3*12# and immediately your credit will be deducted and you will be given the data instantly which Valids for 30days (A month).

The Etisalat 5GB for 2000naira

This brand new data plan of Etisalat 5GB for 2000naira gives you all night and weekend unlimited browsing including the 100MB whatsapp for free and it can only be used to chat on Whatsapp which is only whatsapp access.

So this night plan starts from 7PM till 6:59AM and blaze better and all day browsing with weekend unlimitedly till 30days (A month).

So to subscribe, kindly go to your dialpad and dial *229*3*13# immediately your credit will be removed and your night plan will be given to you.


Airtel night plan is still available and still active but come to think of this Etisalat new data plan for weekend and Night plan that can be used in the evening let's just forget about the price and go for the truth hmmm well, airtel own is still the cheapest but Etisalat is more faster than airtel according to my own view and it also offers evening internet access instead to wait till 12pm and you know by that time, internet will be uncomfortable and inconvenient to use.

So Etisalat 200naira for 1GB still available and working better. Let me just give the Etisalat Night plans grade by arranging them properly.

  • Etisalat 200naira for 1GB gives you only night access and validity period is from 12AM to 5AM by dialling *229*3*11# to activate.
  • Etisalat 2GB for 1000naira gives you a whole weekend and evening internet access which its Validity Period is (7PM – 6:59AM) so to activate, kindly dial *229*3*12#  to start with it.
  • Etisalat 5GB for 2000naira gives you free 100mb Whatsapp access and evening with weekend internet access. So kindly dial *229*3*13# to activate and it validity period is 7PM – 6:59AM.

So is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new Etisalat evening, night plan and weekend offer? Do you like to go for it or not?


  1. This plan is also good but airtel is the cheapest

    1. Yea but this Etisalat is fast and it can be used in the evening and weekend

  2. Nice one, I would preffer this one

  3. Blazer my bro, to me glo0.0kb is the most cheapest cos am using it on my Tweakware premium servers mehn e fast die with it I dnt need to wait till weekend lols thanks for that new glo APN which is "glounlimitedzone" settings I don rest small no more much disconnections lyk b4 is now much stable.


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