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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New Duplicate Photo Application Fixer - Delete Your Duplicate Photos Now!

Do your device automatically possess or duplicate many photos from your original photo to make it more than one photo that would have taken your phone or computer storage? Yea! You can now delete and find all those abundant duplicate photos with this application whether from camera, screenshots and many others.

You know when you have many photos, you won't be able to delete all of them which might make you get tired so with this application, you will be able to delete, find and look locate those annoying pictures from your device.

So I will be bringing this application for you called Duplicate Photos Fixer which will bring the ultimate solution to that annoying issue.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer

Flexible scan modes: You can choose a scan mode of your choice:

    ⚬ Full scan: It allows you to scan your whole device to search similar and duplicate images on both internal and external storage.

    ⚬ Camera images: This mode will scan only those pictures which are captured through the camera of your device.

    ⚬ Select Folder: Using this feature, you can scan particular folders of your choice and remove duplicate and similar looking photos from them.

Exclude folders: You can also skip scanning of folders by placing them in the Exclusion Folders list.

Group-wise result: Once scanning is complete, duplicates are displayed group-wise so that you can identify which ones you want to remove easily.

Preview before deleting: The application allows you to preview the photos of a group before confirming their deletion.

Auto- Marking: The auto- marking feature makes your work easier! It leaves one picture from every group unmarked, considering it best on the basis of size, resolution, dimension, and date on which photo was captured.

Arranged gallery of photos: The objective of Duplicate Photos Fixer is to give you a well-organized and neatly arranged photo library. There won’t be any duplicate photos once you have used this app, so you can show off the best pictures to your friends and family.

Regain blocked space: Duplicate and similar photos hog precious internal and external storage space on our Android phones. Use this duplicate picture finder and de- clutter your phone to regain gigabytes of space!

Set criteria for accurate results: You can set the matching level for more accurate search results.

Where to download duplicate photos fixer

You can get it in Google playstore by clicking here and when Photos and other media files occupy a lot of your storage space than it becomes viable to delete those duplicate photos from your device to gain some extra space.  This application supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

So if you want to delete your duplicate photos, either you can manually scan and select the files you want to delete so you will enjoy this application very well.

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  1. Blazerwap any solution to solving this issue of my 3G network not working each time I turn it on my network disappears i can only on 2G

  2. Tried it with all GSM networks


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