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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New Dangerous QuadRooter Security Flaw Now Affecting Qualcomm Chipsets Android Phones - Beware!

A new Android security flaws has been discovered which is now widely affecting the Android devices or smartphones on Qualcomm Chipsets which was discovered by researchers at Security check point and the name is called QuadRooter. According to check point discoveries they said  this flaw is a set of four vulnerabilities that has already penetrated or affected over 900 millions smartphones and tablets all over the world running on Google's Android operating system (OS).

The two smartphones which are Samsung's latest Galaxy S7 flagships and BlackBerry DTEK50 that boasted alot as the world most secured phone was affected and penetrated by this QuadRooter. I can't stop laughing when this news got to me hmmm it's like a disgrace to them.

How this QuadRooter affects phones

This is made possible by the application of a trick to deceive and mislead android users to install a very dangerous and malicious application unknowingly to them as it would require no special permissions to suggest it's a malware. Once installed, your phone activities will then be monitored by the dangerous people who set it, is just like deceiving peoplein order to gain access to his or her private files.

The QuadRooter security flaw gives attackers complete total control of any affected phone or tablet, including access to sensitive private or personal and enterprise information stored on the device once exploited which will make them become the general administrator of that particular device that has been affected by that QuadRooter which they set.

See How Some Solutions Have Been Find For This QuadRooter

When this threat was discovered by the manufacturers, they started looking for a solution to it in every angle to make sure this come to an end and the company says that all the bugs were fixed at its end and patches were handed over to customers. While fix for three vulnerabilities have already made it to recent Android monthly security updates released by Google, one is still outstanding that has not yet been fixed which looks so hard at he moment but it will be included in the September update of the new version.

How to know if my device have been affected from this QuadRooter?

Check point which discovered this new attacker called QuadRooter also released a new QuadRooter application scanner in order to scan your device, if your device had been affected with this deadly flaw. So this application is currently available on Googleplay store kindly download here and scan now.

You can check your device now, if is affected by this QuadRooter.

If you have been infected you will see this after scanned below;

If you have not been affected with this QuadRooter, you will see this after scanned below;

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this dangerous QuadRooter or if you have more questions kindly ask below. I was not affected what of you?


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