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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New Airtel Normal Credit Awoof Bonus For Their Customers - Checkout!

Airtel have now start generating hidden awoof for their customers which is some how lucky and in some cases not lucky at all. With this, you will be able to get free credits awoof from airtel networks for free in three places of a bonus.

Before I discovered this new awoof that shock me was when I decided to buy a new sim after my former airtel sim lost day before yesterday and i registered the sim and after loading a card to activate the registration, I started receiving huge awoof even till now whenever I load, I do receive huge awoof. It was this evening somebody on my Facebook timeline was discussing it that's when I noticed and confirmed it.

How to activate this awoof on airtel

Kindly buy a new airtel sim from any nearby shop and register it from there and immediately load N100 then you will receive huge bonus from airtel network immediately after loading that recharge card. 

Note: When you buy a new airtel sim, you will given free 200naira on it. You can also do without loadingany recharge card and you will be given your awoof but to increase it, you can load and it will increase.

Check your credit with *123#.

Are you still doubting? Let me give you another screenshot:

It's currently blazing! 

Is it helpful? Kindly ask more questions below and if it works for kindly share your experience!


  1. free bonus na always on new sim...
    They want make we sha buy new sim

    1. Yes oo..when you By ii, they will give you free credits and anytime you recharge

  2. Will it b 4 life or one day... De will stop it

    1. Ha everything that comes will surely go but it will take time before they will stop it.

    2. Ha everything that comes will surely go but it will take time before they will stop it.


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