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Monday, 8 August 2016

NCC Releases Update On Internet Usage, See How Mtn Loses And Airtel Gains

Unbelievable! As NCC Releases the highest internet usage on all networks, airtel and mtn was specially reviewed for this competition but airtel won while mtn loses and has the lowest internet subscribers.

NCC which is Nigerian Communications Commission on Thursday said that internet users on Nigeria’s telecommunications networks have reduced to 92,281,921, as at June 2016. The commission made this known in its monthly Internet Subscriber Data, which was gotten or obtained by NAN which is News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos state.

A sudden breakdown of the data showed that internet users on both the Global System for Mobile communications which is (GSM) and the Code Division Multiple Access  which is (CDMA) networks reduced by 81,415. It also said that 92,363,336 subscribers surfed and blaze the internet in the month of May but that only 92,281,921 did in the month of June.

This startled me as I heard the news and see more of the information. The data showed that out of the 92,281,921 internet users in the month of June, 92,181,178 were on the GSM networks which is the 2G network, while 100,743 users were on the CDMA which is the 3G network. Of the 92,181,178 internet users on the GSM networks (2G) in the month under review, the document showed that MTN Nigeria had 32,974,177 customers browsing on its network. NCC stated that MTN suffered a decrease of 134,609 internet subscribers in June, after it recorded 33,108,786 users in the month of May. Well, I recorded this wonderfully, if i may add to it.

According to the report from NCC, Globacom had 26,628,065 customers surfing and blazing the internet in the month of June, showing an increase of 272,674 from its May’s record of 26,355,391.

It also said that Airtel Nigeria network recorded a rise of users with 17,325,423 internet users in the month of June, as against 17,280,089 customers in May.

The records, therefore, showed that Airtel Nigeria network users increased by 45,334 in the month of June which I recorded as a great profit for them.

The data also showed that Etisalat had 15,253,513 internet users in June, as against the 15,508,024 in May, recording a decrease of 254,511 users in the month under review.

It also revealed that the CDMA which is the 3G networks operators (Multi-Links and Visafone), had a joint total of 100,743 internet users on their networks in June.

It showed that the only surviving two CDMA networks in the country listed a decrease of 10,303 internet subscribers in the month under review, from the 111,046 users they recorded in May.

Visafone had 100,739 customers surfing the internet in June, showing a reduction of 10,303 users from its May record of 111,042.

Multi-Links had 4 internet users in the month of June, same as in May 2016.

So this post especially says or stressedout the need for Nigerias to speed up the country’s progress towards achieving 30 per cent broadband penetration by 2017 so we need to be more active on the internet especially which will help you out in any Internet solutions. Well, this result Kindly show the count of all networks in nigeria on how subscribers had a little breakdown on various network s but airtel still wins.

So what do you have to say about this?

Source: Daily post


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    1. Airtel cheats is is under testing for now

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