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Friday, 5 August 2016

Introducing Dropbox Paper Beta As Now The Evernote Competitor

Are you looking for an application to create note, organize list, writing some codes on it? Yes is available here and it also has more function than what is listed above.

Nowadays that many applications have over flooded the playstore and it has been also cool also for new developer introducing us to different applications everyday. So it will be very hard for you to see an application without related application on playstore and among those useful and helping application, EverNote which has been a friend or companion fo many android users until now that Dropbox which is popularly known for its cloud storage services decided to diversify by bringing out Dropbox Paper Beta with a bit similar features like Evernote.

Features of Dropbox Paper Beta

  • Organize list
  • Creating of note and Doc which is Document
  • You can write codes
  • You can @mentions users and can add, view and reply to comments.
  • Teams can collaborate and share with all the changes reflecting at the go.
  • And more others.
Where can I download this Dropbox Paper Beta?

It is available in playstore for downloads and kindly click here to download.

How to use this Dropbox Beta Paper?

You have to signup with your Dropbox details by clicking here in order to use it.

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