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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Internet Speed Test Of Application From Netflix For IOS And Android

Wow! Netflix have successfully launched version of application for Android and Apple internet speed test for download or install. Well, it is used for testing how fast a network is on Netflix.

Netflix has been the world leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your smartphone, not so long ago they developed a website called for Internet speed test so for now, the mobile version has been released for download in order to make it easier for mobile phone users to check how fast their network is reading.

How does it work?

So for the website, the application connects to Netflix servers to do the speed test run instead of any of the ISP servers to give a more speed result. It also shows only the download speed as that's what people are usually most interested in.

See my result for my internet connection below;

As you can see my network speed runs faster with my airtel 2,000 for 6GB subscription. You can also test yours by clicking here.

Where to download the mobile version of

Android=> Download now

iPhone=> Download  now

You can also test your internet connection without downloading the application by just visiting that link above from your mobile browser or desktop browser.

So what's your internet speed?

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