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Friday, 26 August 2016

Interc New Nigeria 4G LTE, Checkout Their Amazing Data Plans!

Interc the latest nigeria 4G LTE network have successfully released their affordable and amazing data plan. So Interc came in a silent mode without using any adverts and medias unlike Ntel, interc came to existence or was launched this month on August 23, 2016. Well, their data plans is cheaper than that of Ntel, Smile, spectranet and many others.

They are just new and many people don't know alot about them yet so they are now available in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Kaduna and their head office is located at lagos for now because others state will soon join. They  are offering free internet for the first month and 25% off on the second month.

Let me go into the discovery of this 4G LTE by InterC, this InterC is a rebranded intercellular that has partnered  with Transsion Holdings (makers of Infinix, Tecno, and iTel phones), Ringo Communications, and Yudala. So they now offer low internet data plans at a low price.

InterC Amazing Data Plans Of 4G LTE

InterC Lite

  • 1.5GB Plan for N1,400 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 4GB for N2,800 (24/7 30 Days)
  • 2.5GB for N1,500 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
  • 1GB for N1,000 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)

InterC Savvy

  • 7GB for N4,500 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 15GB for N7,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 25GB for N10,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 40GB for N9,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity)
  • 25GB for N6,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days validity)

InterC Ultra

  • 50GB for N17,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 75GB for N24,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
  • 110GB for N35,000 (24/7 60 Days Validity)
  • 75GB for N12,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity).

I still remember their logo which says "Join The Network That Keeps You Interconnected" this network is really into business after seeing the data plans. I think the competition is now hot between Mtn 4G LTE, Spectranet, Ntel, Smile E.t.c 

So get your 4G enabled phone and after blazing now! Whatdo you have to say about this?


  1. If a network like interc courage is in Port Harcourt does it mean every part of portgarcourt?

  2. Will work bonus work this weekend

  3. Their plans is too cost...
    Check it out my new blog:

  4. where cn i get dis sim call ntel

    1. You can get it in nigeria; lagos, Abuja and many

  5. hmmm....
    b4 we knw it now, ther wont b fones wit 2G network again
    3G and 4G go soon takeova

    1. I totally agree with you ibrahim with way these 4G lte networks and services are springing up clearly it wouldn't be long. Well I already have my own 4G service phone hahahaha


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