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Monday, 1 August 2016

Instagram Set To Launch New Features For Users To Block And Moderate Comments On Posts

This is surely a good and exciting news to all Instagram fans as they are planning to launch a new wonderful feature in their next update in order for their users or members to block and moderate their post comments not to allow any spamππy comments and some advertising comments contents to destroy a particular useful post of a fan which may result to a bad mood because of the left annoying comment that cannot be moderated.

Instagram has a new feature which is yet to be launched for all Instagram users or members. When it has been launched, it will be for the members that has the highest followers like the celebrities and some other high business owner with a high followers on Instagram with some others popular members. Well, it will move gradually from celebrities level to a low members with some low followers.

So after this feature has been unveiled, users will be able to turn off comments from their posts in order not to receive any notification of comments in the particular post being turned off from comments.

If you have the updated version now, you can also tell us below in the comment box so what do you have to say about this new upcoming superb feature of Instagram for his fans?

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