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Monday, 1 August 2016

How To Create An Invitation Link For Your Whatsapp Group

Have you been lonely or trying to make people come to your whatsapp group without adding them to your phone contacts first before adding in the whatsapp group? The solution to that has been generated and been solved totally by using a group invitation link to generate members from other groups into your whatsapp group without any permission.

When you add people first in your contact list before adding to the whatapp group, it takes the phone memory and simcard space because there will be many annoymous contacts you might have saved due to the reason of adding people into your whatsapp group. That's why I have successfully decided to make the solution more simpler by generating a link for invitation for your whatsapp group.

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I know you might wonder when some people invite members using an invitation link to their group and immediately filled up the maximum member limit of the group in just a twinkle of an eye. So see the tutorial below;

How to generate an invitation link for Whatsapp group

It was recently announced that an update will be made available on Whatsapp but won't be the real Whatsapp so what I am insinuating is that a new whatsapp  called WA PRIME WHATSAPP will be able to make this come true. So follow up this steps below;
  • You have to download this whatsapp called WA PRIME WHATSAPP from here and make sure you delete your old whatsapp before installing this or better still, it will enter the existing Whatsapp application if you didn't delete the old one.
  • Then after downloading, launch and do the account verification process that has to be done when using a new account on WhatsApp by receiving an sms from whatsapp. Well, this isn't necessary though but just for some newbies who might find it difficult, kindly move to the next step.
  • So create a new group or move to next step if you have an existing group before.
  • Enter the group you created and click on INFO to provide your full group information and details with all members that has joined the group. 
  • Then click on ADD PARTICIPANTS and you will see INVITE VIA LINK then click on it.
  • So start sharing your invitation link on all whatsapp groups and many others and they will be able to join your group successfully without any permission.
As shown below in the following screenshots;

As you can see, you have successfully generated a link invitation for your whatsapp group using the new WA PRIME WHATSAPP so your Whatsapp link will look like this below;

And you are successfully done!
Note: Do not share to people who are not trusted because when you block them from being a participants of the group, they will automatically add theirself using that invitation you sent to them and they can also penetrate into your administrator mode when you make it transparent. So be careful!

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  1. Is working... thanks for the information

  2. Pls add me to your whatsapp group 07069350743

    1. Sorry bro we are no longer on Whatsapp.

  3. Mine is writing app nt Installed,wat can I do?

    1. Kindly remove your old whatsapp first before installing it.

  4. what if you have an existing group, how do you get the link for it without having to create the group afresh?

  5. again will I loose my watsapp information in my old watsapp when I uninstall? because I would not want to loose them. please reply

  6. what if you have an existing group, how do you get the link for it without having to create the group afresh?

    1. You know what? WhatsApp have now added this feature on their App so just go to playstore and update your WhatsApp then go to your group and click on ADD PARTICIPANTS and you will see INVITE VIA LINK so copy it and share your group link to other groups.


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