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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Gotv Lite As The Cheapest Bouquet From Gotv Plans - Read More!

Gotv Lite is the cheapest and affordable bouquet from gotv plans which was recently introduced to nigeria this month (August) to offer subscribers better experience and affordability in a new look. It will also offer subscribers more flexibility and cheap pay TV services across the federation.

So Gotv was established and started working or operating in nigeria, firstly in Ibadan, Oyo state, on October 2011. Since then, it has extended it's signal to the 24 states in nigeria.

So as part of the event to celebrate or mark it's anniversary in October, gotv launched and introduced Lite Bouquet which is the most affordable and cheapest plan to take down the subscription rate of its customers in 50cities which is 24states across the federation.

The launch of Gotv LTE increased the options available for customers or subscribers to three which are;

  1. GOtv Plus for N1800 with 50 channels.
  2. GOtv value for N1200 offering over 25channels
  3. GOtv Lite offering 20 channels.
John ugbe Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria said when unveiling the product; 

"As a customer-focused organization, we understand that subscribers’ needs are not all the same, and their economy might differ. As such, we have introduced GOtv Lite to cater for the down market. GOtv subscribers can now pay less to enjoy more."

 He also added;

"GOtv celebrates five years of enabling hundreds of thousands of households join in the digital television revolution, adding that they are giving their subscribers more choice in service delivering. Subscribers can subscribe to the new GOtv Lite by visiting MultiChoice offices, dealers or agents"

 Gotv Lite channel list are here below

The GOtv Lite channel lineup includes: Afro Music Pop, Al Jazeera, e.TV, FAITH, Islam channel, JimJam, AIT, LTV, MITV, ONTV Max, TVC Entertainment, TVC News Nigeria, Channels, Trybe TV, STV, Wazobia TV, Galaxy TV and NTAi. Subscribers to the GOtv Lite package will also be able to access two audio channels, namely Naija FM and Wazobia FM.

Martin Mabutho, the general manager explained; "most people are complaining of the affordability of DSTV, this increases the desire of their expert in content creation to create a solution for all. He also said that complaints from consumers on signal stability, arise from either the tuning or positioning of the antenna."

Well, this is great so let's go on with the cost.

What's the subscription cost?

It offers three payments options which are; N400 monthly (which is about N12:9k per day multiplied by 31 days), N1050 quarterly or N3100 for one year.

Well, this Gotv is not up to DSTV which means DSTV is better than gotv but owned by same MultiChoice in South Africa. I can say Gotv and startime are the best competitor but gotv has more graphics than startime.

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