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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Google Allo: New Messaging Application Has Better Features Than WhatsApp?

Google has decided to launch a new application which was said to have features than Whatsapp and it's name is called Google Allo. After Google has successfully launched it's Google Duo Application which is the new Video Calling Application.

It seems Google much anticipated chat messager thats why they decided to launch this application in order to overtake Facebook owned popular messenging application which is Whatsapp and which currently have 1billion users active. Well, Google Allo is still awaiting a release date.

So talking about some of it features, it is said to be tied to user own number like Whatsapp, users will be able to link it to their Google account. This Google allo will be coming with a simple mobile friendly interface which will allow users to chat with their contacts like simple text messaging, sending graphics, emojis and stickers as well as doodling on photos, reported PCMag.

Google allo is also coming with voice messaging features which will allow users to quickly record voice messages and send to their contacts. They will just need to click the microphone icon present on the right of Allo's text box, record the message while pressing the icon and then let the icon go to send it.

Google allo is also said to come with smart reply feature which suggestions on responses to users which they can use within conversations. Finally, it was also said to come with end-to-end encryption and Incognito Conversations as well as Whisper and Shout features. Users will also be able to delete sent or received messages from their chat history.

Well, you can activate it on playstore in order to alert you when is out by going to Playstore and click on Google Alloy, you will see PREREGISTER kindly click on it. As shown below.

So is coming soon but the released date is not yet announced so stay updated as we will be updating you about that.

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