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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Glo Cheapest Data Plan Of 10GB For N2,500, See How To Make It Fast!

Do you experience glo slow network after activating the glo 2,500naira for 10GB? Do you know that glo has the most cheapest data plan in Nigeria and other afican countries? Glo 10GB for N2,500 is the best data plan for now which 56℅ of nigerians always subscribe for and it is reliable and very fast using the method here in this topic.

This glo data plan surpassed many data plans you can ever think off and it doesn't require tweaking, changing or rooting of phone, flashing or using any vpn like psiphon, tweakware, sypon shield, netify and many others to make it work because is a normal data plan from Glo network.

Well, this is the data plan i use for updating, uploading and downloading huge Files to my desktop (PC) and for downloading PSP games for my PlayStation. Why I am trying to introduce this data plan to you is because it worth the 10GB, I mean the 2,500Naira. I know many people reading this might think is too cost or too expensive for purchase. I solely understand the current situation on town but this glo data plan will finally reduce the stress.

So are you still buying the huge data plan from Mtn, Etisalat and Airtel? Kindly test this glo cheap data and you will be very happy to thank me later. As you can see, is not a cheat or free browsing but a cheap data plan from Glo network, so continue reading in order to activate it.

How to activate the Glo 2,500naira for 10GB

You don't require any tools just as I have said above, kindly go to your dial pad and send *127*58# or use sms by sending 58 to 127 and immediately you will given your data of 10GB immediately while your 2,500naira will be deducted successfully and it's validity is 30days which is monthly.

See some cheap data plans from Glo;

  • Always Micro - 1,000 - 2GB - 30 Days - *127*53#
  • My Phone - 2,000 - 6GB - 30 Days - *127*55#
  • So Special - 2,500 - 10GB - 30 Days - *127*58#
  • Always Macro - 3,000 - 12GB - 30 Days - *127*54#
  • N4,000 Data Plan - 4,000 - 18GB - 30 Days - *127*59#
  • Always Min - 5,000 - 24GB - 30 Days - *127*2#
  • Always Max - 8,000 - 48GB - 30 Days - *127*1#
  • Silver - 10,000 - 11GB - 30 Days - *127*11#
  • Gold - 15,000 - 60GB - 30 Days - *127*12#
  • Platinum - 18,000 - 90GB - 30 Days - *127*13#
All these data plan above are monthly (30days) so have you check out the daily plan also? See below;

  • 1 Day Pack - 50 - 30MB - 1 Day - *127*14#
  • Instant Surf - 100 - 100MB - 1 Day - *127*51#
  • Always Day - 500 - 195MB - 1 Day - *127*3#
  • Smallie - 200 - 200MB - 3 Days - *127*56#
These cheap daily data plan from Glo is wonderful and see the weekly plan below;

  • One Week - 400 - 65MB - 7 Days - *127*52#
  • Big Week - 500 - 1GB - 10 Days - *127*57#
Very cheap and affordable! 

How to make the glo cheap data very fast using mtk engineering

Have you subscribed for the glo cheap data and you experience slow network just as usual the way glo network is slow in nature? Kindly follow this process below;

  • Download mtk engineering from here 
  • Open and launch it then click on MTK SETTINGS
  • Then click on MOBILE DATA SERVICE PREFERRED when scrolled down carefully.
  • Then enable or mark the MOBILE DATA SERVICE PREFERRED and go back to enable your 3G.
  • Then browse and blaze till you get the 10GB exhausted.

As shown below;

With this glo cheap data plan, you can get 20GB for 5,000naira when done twice. Just start blazing unlimitedly!

Is it helpful? Do you have more questions kindly ask below for solution now and we will resolve that immediately.


  1. Guy that's what I am using and is fast oooo

  2. To me this glo data is very very cheap but a bullshit as far as I am concerned this is bcos their service is so poor and badly slow in my part of the country and others.The last.I use to subscribe every month of which I have never enjoy for some months now. The last 1.5gig monthly I did I was only able to use 400mb be4 expiration with much difficulty.Iam tired of.Everybody is complaining about their poor internet services.I think they are only giving out these jumbo packages just to keep their customers

    1. Ha... That's bad, but I think they have upgraded and now better in some area like mine.

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  4. dats why i ate glo jare..
    poor network
    for my area, once i get home like dis my 3G no go work again
    2G, na one corner i dey stay b4 it can forcefully browse
    too worst for my likening
    To hell with their cheap Data

    1. You are right bro, I won't doubt that but is not in every location.


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