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Monday, 22 August 2016

FG To Tax 9% From Nigerians For Call, Sms, MMS And Data - Is This Fair?

In this serious economic situation, FG have decided to tax all 9% from nigerians for SMS, MMS and Data we always use to surf and browse the internet. Normally, we are to be taxed for calls, sms, MMS and Data but they have taken it to another level and the worstest thing is that, the charges want to start in this period when the good period have already passed.

See what Batu Shittu the minister of communication said at this event below;

The Federal government is considering a bill called the Communication Service Tax CST bill.
So this charges will billed to levy 9% on telecom subscribers who uses SMS, MMS, data and this charge applies to Pay TV Stations. The Minister insisted that the bill is subject to further deliberation, before it is vetted by the President so this was said in an event organized by Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

For me, I totally disagree to this new stuff they are trying to bring out and how can be i charged 9% out of 100naira I managed to load because even Nigerians are currently facing economic hardship and everything has increased to the extent that it has gotten to the data and text messages. Well, I have looked and see the good and bad side of this as the increase in taxation will reduce the way consumers consumes data, sms, MMS and calls and also it will generate more income and money for the federal government.

For me, am not in support. So are you in support of what the federal government are about to release and do?


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  6. We dey complain of bad network u still wan dey comot tax again. hmm nawa for us in naija o
    nothing for free again


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