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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Checkout! Top 7 Browsing Cheats That Are Still Working Till Date

Hello blazers, I have some successfully outlined browsing cheats you can go for now currently that latest unlimited free browsing cheats isn't out. Well, you can enjoy all these and blaze with it perfectly on all devices like desktop, Windows Mobile and many more while some doesn't work for some devices like Java, symbian and other low phones.

So I will be listing them out now for almost all the networks in nigeria, you have to choose the one you like and then go for it because all are 100% working perfectly at the moment which means they have not been blocked but active.

Only few of them requires vpn to make them work better and faster but the remaining is a Normal Data Plan which will be very cheap to afford in just a moment. See them below to start blazing.

Top 7 working browsing cheats that are still working till date

1. GLO 0.0KB UNLIMITED: This work perfectly using Tweakware version 3.4 or Modded Tweakware 1.6 which can now be blazed better with new apn settings called glo3gvideo. This cheat has been in existence since last two months and is still working perfectly till date. As shown below;

2. Airtel Night plan of 25naira for 500mb and 200naira for 1.5GB: I like this night plan because is very fast and reliable when it comes for the night. This Airtel night plan is able to download, stream videos and do many active browsing stuffs you might need and it last from 12AM to 5AM in the midnight. As shown below;

Activate these by dialling *312# and follow the option by choosing NIGHT PLAN.

3. Etisalat Night plan of 1GB for 200naira: Have you blaze with this wonderful Etisalat Night plan? Is very fast and reliable but some people say that the Airtel is more preferable but for me, I will go for Etisalat because that's my best network meanwhile everybody have his or her best network. Kindly activate this by dialling *229*3*11# and is from 12AM to 5AM.

4. Airtel 6GB for 1,500naira: This plan is very cheap and affordable to purchase because when activated, it can download and steam unlimitedly infact is a normal data plan but cheaper than the real data plan. As shown below;

Kindly activate by dialling *440*161# and it Valids for 30days.

5. Airtel Awoof Bonus Credits: Airtel had now start dashing out free credits for new registered users on local calls, free 100mb data and many more. As shown below;

Activate by buying a new sim and get it registered.

6. Mtn 100℅ double data bonus: This data plan is especially designed for the phantom 5 users but you can get it activated on any phone by tweaking your imei to phantom 5 phone Imei and you will get it activated and eligible for the offer. So this offer will give you double data of what you recharge E.g recharge 100naira and buy any data from Mtn like 30MB, you will be given free 60mb and 1000naira for 1.5gb for free 3GB. As shown below;

7. Glo night plan of 3GB for 500naira: Normally, you might say glo is very slow but not in all locations because in my area, glo is very fast and blaze better than I expect it so the night plan will be so cool in the night when their network will be less busy with fast blazing like 4G LTE. As shown below;

It will be available to all Glo subscribers from 12:01am every Saturday morning to Sunday evening at 11:59pm. Kindly dial *777*1*1*7# and activate.

Extra blazing data

8. Etisalat 0.0kb Nxtfwd: You can now enjoy this on any psiphon vpn and Tweakware or its related vpns which is capped everyday depending on time used. As shown below;

You can now start blazing with them by choosing the one you like and enjoy more of it unlimitedly.

Is it helpful? If you have more questions kindly drop them below snd if it work for you kindly share your experience below for the blazers!


  1. Its only d airtel night plan ,I dey enjoy most

    1. You can also try all of the m out because they are currently blazing good

  2. Blazer stop using the word "free" only glo is free for browsing now but others demand activation and u knw to activate any of dem accept glo demand's money so dey are not free u pay for it ok?

    1. Lolzzz ok i have heard you, i just like using it bro

  3. Truth truth ,na only d glo free bt odas too na cheap sub .
    Imagine #50 for 1.5gb,e too cheap na

  4. glo is terrible in my area and the cheat has been on for two months. if it was other networks. they would have blocked it...

  5. You should be arrested for false advertising. only Glo is the cheat there. Nonsense

    1. Glo and the remaining are cheat the cheat because they are cheaper than the normal price and GLO 0.0KB With AIRTEL AWOOF are free but the remaining are cheap data bro

  6. Lols....false advertising?
    Y ppl no dey appreciate persin like dis
    U wan tell me sey na everybody dey aware of dose cheap sub?
    Blazerwap,tanx for d reminder jare

  7. Its unfortunate most of the cheats are set to Night, and that's an incovenient time for me. Well, since am not the only one its here, I guess there are peepz that do not sleep at night LOL:::::

    Anyway, thanks for sharing bro....
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  8. The glo tweak ware is not working

  9. Glo tweakware working perfectly......
    Limited to 300mb daily
    Bt unlimited using ID CHANGER

  10. I don't know the right words to use to describe you. You are a data saver. You help to sub for free with good cheat when we are high and dry. Thank you my brother. Don't hate your critics they are the one to bring the best out of you. Not everyone will appreciate what you do in life.

  11. My Queencee VPN doesn't not show "SMART" Is that a problem cos it disconnects too quickly. Pls Add me to your whatsapp group. 08032421111

    1. Hello bro, you are highly welcome to this blog and I love your write up thanks for that. So that Queencee Vpn is already saved and set up automatically with SMART so if you are using it for glo 0.0kb, it will surely disconnect and reconnect because glo 0.0kb is not a stable cheat no matter the vpn you use because of the proxy server.

      So bro, that's the truth, if you can believe me, I will love it but people won't tell you the truth like instead they will tell you is still working fast.

  12. glo is the only cheat I av ever seen to disconnect while connected wit tweakware but its stil good at least it has stayed long



  15. here is my number 08066522339

  16. here is my number 08066522339



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