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Monday, 8 August 2016

Checkout! These Two Expensive Data Plan Of Airtel Of N1000 - Which Is More Preferable?

Airtel has two Data plans which I think is more expensive but there are some hidden data plan that i think is a little bit benefit or false saying from airtel network.

These two data plans are normal data that is a part of subscription from the Airtel packages which one is UNLIMITED MIDNIGHT BUNDLE and NORMAL DATA PLAN. See it below;

The Normal Data Plan Of Airtel That Cost N1000

This is the Airtel Android subscription of N1000 for 1.5GB which is a normal data plan as every know from Android but it seems they have added SOCIAL BUNDLE to it and 6months post bundle rate.

As seen and shown below;

The UNLIMITED MIDNIGHT BUNDLE from airtel that cost N1000

This data plan is unlimited midnight bundle that cost N1000 from 12AM to 6AM and almost everybody knows about it.

As shown below;

Why I posted this, is not for you to go for the plans because is for business men and if you have the cool cash you can go for it. I posted this because many people where arguing about the two plans for subscription that's why I also need the answers from the blazers.

Which is more preferable?

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