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Thursday, 25 August 2016

All What You Have To Know About - Read Now!

Hello blazers, I am so happy to bring this to you because it will really impact some things to you even in your technology life. Some people come to this website called but they don't really know why or what has been cooking or preparing for them or what do it basically entails so that's why I will be revealing some of this to you blazers, in order to increase the growth and development of this blog and enhance your technology life to make you current in any area of your life but you might think "it is not necessary" hmmm that's not the answer because in this our current century, technology has taken over the world and information is power so you need to increase your knowledge in every daily basis because we learn everyday to know more.

Let me go straight to the point. You might not know the reason why blazerwap came to existence but I will enlighten you more on that so blazerwap has come to existence in order to make the blazers know more about what is technology and it's related followers or attachments. Technology doesn't progress when there is no cooperation and it doesn't progress when there is lack of unity and contribution or idea from each other, technology only progress when two or more people comes together to bring an absolute solution to a particular problem affecting the society. So I can testify many things that technology has impacted in my life even till now so in this line, I will say "ONLY A MAN CANNOT MAKE A WORK EASIER BUT WITH TWO MEN CAN MAKE IT MORE EASIER AND FASTER.".

What is All About, What Does It Share And What Does It Have For Its Followers? has come into existence since June 1ST, 2016 and since it's inception, it has bring many solutions to the world and it's entire followers. Blazerwap is willing to share out anything that will add or give benefits to his followers and fans.

Blazerwap have alot and many things to share like how to make your browsing life more easy, receiving technology updates about phone and desktop reviews, specifications, features, making money online, and website tutorials like wapka, blogger and many more and our followers like us for this.

How did blazerwap come into existence? came into existence by two up growing webmasters and they are PRECIOUS AGBONTAN and FAYOSE OPEYEMI and our aim is to reach the world and solve their problems by using as a source for the human solution.

See our pictures below;


Precious Agbontan

What are the main basic things provides?

Blazerwap based on its niche and even till now and they are;

  • Technology updates 
  • Website tutorials
  • Phone and desktop reviews, specifications, features
  • Browsing solutions
  • Desktop solutions
  • Phone solutions
  • Any others related to technology.
How do blazerwap reach its fans with all these?

We reach our fans from Facebook, Twitter, Linkindin, Instagram, Bbm, Whatsapp group (limited), Telegram and many others. So if you like to receive more our updates kindly do the following below;

And many more. We have also provide a new way for our followers and readers to get connected with us via SMS which is totally free kindly send FOllOW BLAZERWAP to 40404

So when stay connected to our blog, you will have more to testify.

Is blazerwap fast in responding to his followers?

Blazerwap is very fast in responding to its users just as you can see in the comment box in every topics. We don't play with our users.

From Ghana, From Kenya, From United States, From Philippines, From Nigeria And From The Blazers with other countries in the world.

There was a guy who messaged me from Ghana, he said " Why are Nigerians free browsing cheats always for free while Ghana do sell theirs?" I replied and said, blazerwap doesn't sell any of its contents or sell it's services because we serve free products and that's how we have been able to overcome some/many problems around the world. So users around the world can come and gain free knowledge from us because that's how we blaze.

What exactly do you call your fans?

We call our fans " BLAZER " and when important Technology stuffs is shared, we call that Blazing which means SPEED.

How can the blazers bring improvement and growth to this

Normally we share out free stuffs so as a blazer fan, they need to share out our site too on their social media wall and profiles in other for their friends and families to benefit too. Am 100% sure with this way, blazerwap will improve.

Do you offer any promo, bonuses to your fans?

Yes sure, those who are connected will have that to testify and we provides Top commentators so if any our users outrank theirself in the comment section, they will receive our huge reward immediately.

So we also share out free giveaways also to our fans but only to the connected ones will enjoy it more better.

What's blazerwap official email address?

Our email address which is the blazerwap official email address is We reply as fast as possible.

More words from precious agbontan

I will be happy if the blazers could Share their ideas together, share knowledge, avoid selfishness, avoid being rude, avoid racism and share all what they have to the world because this is the ultimate way to grow up and improve because the more you share, the more you receive.

As a blazer fan, you need to share out to your friends, families, neighbors and others for them to also benefits from here because this is number one way of sharing and being kind to others. So let's come together and form or create wonderful things.

More words from Fayose Opeyemi

Well, precious agbontan has killed it all but I will be adding so always contribute on all topics you don't understand and always show appreciation to the topics you wish you have gained something from because thats the best way to be a blazer fans and you can also learn from there too. Always share and don't be stingy with your comments that's all I have as we will continue to update you fans.

Now more words from the blazers

Does this actually describe us? Does this give you the exact stuff on what we are made of? Does this really gives you the power and encouragement to connect with us here on So what do you have to say about this? 

By passing this topic without contributing or commenting, that's where you lack all this.


  1. My broda d name "Precious" should be for girls not for boys Tell us ur real name even if it's ur tribal name am ok with it.

  2. Am always happy knowing this blessed site #kudos

  3. U never do the recharge card promo ooO

    1. I will soon do it...just coming soon stay updated

  4. see we need airtel nd mtn freebrowsin,glo freebrowsin hv becomin best nd last freebrowsin,since den it has nt block unlik hw mtn nd airtel quickly get block cheat if not dat it very slow.

  5. lol... precious no b for only ladies na...
    boy sef dey bare d name

  6. well me get observation sha, dat bro fayose no dey get awa time
    oga Precious only we sabi
    if nt dat u kuku mention his name now, i no knw sey he b admin for here

    well well, anyways nice work all d way, u've really been trying to b sincere. More grease to ya elbow

  7. well me get observation sha, dat bro fayose no dey get awa time
    oga Precious only we sabi
    if nt dat u kuku mention his name now, i no knw sey he b admin for here

    well well, anyways nice work all d way, u've really been trying to b sincere. More grease to ya elbow

  8. What I love about blazerwap, is the quick respond to my probs. I want to thank you once again, I really appreciate

  9. Am using my Google to post this comment, I don't knw why is not showing my name, and displaying yes

    1. Go to your google+ profile and click ABOUT then edit your name and details

  10. This is a great blog - full of useful informations. Love it
    Check it out my new blog:

  11. lols.... no worry YES is a name too
    i also av a friend too
    his own is always writing Unknown instead of his name

  12. Nice site with nice design.My site is. is the homepage but not organised like the Blog page. Need your help for the homepage

  13. The site was created with and not blogger


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