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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

4G LTE Networks: Ntel, Smile Data, Tariff Plan And Mtn Being Compared - Checkout!

Have you imagine comparing these three fast blazing networks working with 4G LTE together? Currently, nigeria now have three networks running on 4G LTE spectrum which some haven't been circulated in all locations but I will be here to compare these three networks together which includes; tariff plans, coverage and other services they offer for their customers.

Well, Smile 4G has been out for so long now working perfectly like the speed of light before Ntel came with its 4G that is blazing like fire to block and locked smile 4G airways then Mtn decided and challenged then later managed and suffered to bring out its Visafone 4G LTE that blaze like the blazing rocket hmmm this will be very interesting as the hot three networks in nigeria will be compared.

So we are going to analyze, review and compare these wonderful networks that works with the 4G LTE spectrum in order to go for the right one you will preferred or the one of your choice or wish. So let's go on now with the review.

Nigeria Networks With 4G LTE For The Review

I think I have successfully explained above how they got to relate, so see them below;

  • Smile 4G LTE 
  • Mtn Visafone 4G LTE
  • Ntel 4G LTE
1. SMILE 4G LTE: Smile 4G LTE offers diverse range of available plans for their customers and users ranging from data plans, pay as you go, and unlimited premium plans which will be expressed below;

  • 1GB of data for N1,000 valid for 30 days while the maximum speed is limited to 2Mbps
  • 5GB for for N5,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 10GB for N9,000 valid for 30 days
  • There are still night plan and weekend plans as unlimited premium plans that the maximum speed is 4Mbps hmmm whenever you used more than 100GB your speed will reduce to 2Mbps and also drops to 512Kbps whenever you use or pass 200GB in a month. It costs 19,800 while the validity period is 30days.
  • You can also browse with your airtime via pay as you go (PAYGO) service. So that is using your real money to surf the internet.
2. Mtn Visafone 4G LTE: This service has been in existence since because even Visafone has been in existence since but for now, many people might be thinking is a new network in town but it isn't is just an old network that's why their network coverage have circulate everywhere than the new networks that it is competing with. So they provides;

  • 150MB for 1day which cost N449
  • 10GB for 5,000 for 30days (A month)
  • 15GB for N9,999 for 30days (A month)
Mtn have been running some test in their network that's why Ntel and Smile have been taking control for now but when mtn are through with the testing, then they shoe their self by unleashing their stuffs.

3. Ntel 4G LITE: This network is just raising it's head in the business line and doesn't have much data plans yet but their data plans doesn't cap yet which means it doesn't have a specific ending point or amount of a data.

  • Two days of unlimited data for N1,000
  • One Week of unlimited plan for N3,000
  • One month of unlimited plan for N10,000.

So I have successfully analyzed all the 4G LTE networks in nigeria then I want go bring it to conclusion which is i want to expressed them. 

When it comes to coverage, MTN has the award for that followed SMILE network then the last is Ntel but when it comes to blazing and surfingor browsing of the internet and downloading, Ntel network wins that feature. Mtn and smiled cost more when it comes to data purchase and value. I know they will surely bring it down later.

In your own reviews, which network do you suggest wins this review?


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