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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Wow! 200% Extra Data Are Now Offered To SWIFT 4G LTE Subscribers

This latest 200% extra data from SWIFT 4G LTE network is amazing to the huge data buyers. I was browsing and surfing across SWIFT 4G LTE Facebook page and even on Twitter, I saw their post about this new offer; they are giving out up to 200% extra data to all their data subscribers. Am sure you are aware of what it feels downloading with 4G LTE Network. I will surely say that's great and cool for that bonus but this data is meant for the business men because you cannot just buy that type of data for personal use.

So this package is designed for subscribers in the business plan which is currently a mouthwatering offer to business owners or you can also use it when you have the cash.

SWIFT 4G LTE 200% Extra Data Offers Includes;

  •  48GB for N12,000,
  •  65GB for N16,000
  •  100GB for N20,000
  •  125GB for N25,000
  •  150GB for N30,000
They are for the big man size. So enjoy!
How To Benefit From It

Just renew your subscription and you will get 200% extra data for free. 

When Will This Offer End? 

The offer Valid till 31st of August 2016.

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