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Monday, 25 July 2016

Two Ways To Disable Screen Overlay Problem From Your Smartphone

Have you experienced this screen overlay problem from your smartphone? Hmmm only the people who have experienced it will testify, this is a bad experience when your smartphone will no longer be able to do anything or receive permission to access internet, collect photos or videos, send data or receive, unable to open any application and so many negative issues.

Well, if you are among the people that are still experiencing it till now, here I come with a perfect solution to the problem because it also affect my phone which means this same problem also affect my smartphone but I later find the solution to it, that's why I want to also share out to the blazers and to those who are are currently suffering from this same issue.

One major causes is the updating of your software or resetting application preference in application menu. There are many caused but sometimes it comes unexpectedly without notice.

How to disable this screen overlay problem from your smartphone

1st Method:

  • Go to your SETTINGS>>APPLICATIONS. As shown below;

  • Then click on " The application" E.g it was  Uc browser that is given me the problem so I have clicked on it. As shown below;

  • So go to PERMISSION and mark all. As shown below;

Note: Sometimes it may affect the marking of permission so just hold your power key and it will reboot to SAFE MODE then go to settings>>applications>>UC BROWSER>> and mark all permissions. As shown below;

2nd method: 

The first method has finally solved your problem, this is just an extra method.

  • Go to settings -> applications -> Click the cog gear -> Draw over other applications.
  • Proceed to disable for all the applications. Force stop the running applications.
So by now, you have successfully solved your screen overlay problem or issue! So you can now start blazing!

Is it helpful? If you have more questions kindly ask below and we will resolve that immediately and if it works for you kindly share your experience. 


  1. precy what kind of phone ar u using?

  2. Wow. Thanks so much. It really worked. I just went ahead to disable all permission and viola the over lay issue disappeared. Am off to trace which app cause the overlay problem. Thank you so much blazerwap


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