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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Twitter Has Released Night Mode Feature, See How To Activate It!

I know many blazers use Twitter alot, is a social media for boosting business careers, promoting business and for many things but it has just released new feature called NIGHT MODE just like Uc browser. This feature was released because of the massive requests from its users to add it or include it.

You know the default twitter background is white and it do affect many people at night. Now Twitter has released the feature so users can easily activate night mode while using their twitter application at night or in dark areas to protect the eyes from rays of light from the background light.

How to activate the Twitter night mode

  • Go to Google and update your Twitter application by clicking here or if you have updated it recently kindly skip this step.
  • After installing and launching the Twitter application, you should see the new toggle located at the navigation menu.
  • Now kindly toggle it by sliding it out from the left or tapping on your profile photo.
Then activate it, as shown below;

So you can now blaze with your Twitter application!

Note: The update is available for all Android users at the moment so if you have not seen your night mode feature kindly wait till the next day then it will automatically come out by itself.

So what do you have to say about this new feature?

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