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Friday, 8 July 2016

Stream Videos & Browse Conveniently With Airtel 2GB For N200 Using Uc Mini Handler

On my last or previous post, I talked or write about how to use the Airtel 2GB for 200 and 4GB for 500naira using mtk engineering but it was very fast using it that way and I have also gotten another method to stream videos, browse conveniently and which will make your airtel internet very fast like using 3G network mode.

So I am here to give all blazer fans the settings and I know you will thank me very well for that. This settings is specifically made for the online video streamers and browsing pals. So this topic which says Stream Videos & Browse Conveniently With Airtel 2GB For N200 Using Uc Mini Handler will now be dropped below.

How to stream and browse very fast using your airtel 2GB for 200naira and 4GB for 500naira on uc mini handler

Firstly, to subscribe for this data plans of 200naira for 2GB dial *482# and select in the list and also do that for 500naira for 4GB.

So after doing that, you will download uc mini handler from our file host by Clicking here. Then you can now follow this simple settings below for proper configuration and is also available for Java users.

After downloading and installing, just launch or open your uc mini handler and in the front, insert all this settings below.

Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP 
Real proxy port: 80 or 8080

Just as shown below:

Then save and click OK

Warning: Do not edit any other settings apart from what I posted here because you will see many settings there, just pass it and scroll down.

APN settings:

set your APN without proxy and port. finally set preferred network to 2g. Just as shown below:

Set to 2G:

So after setting them up, you will now be able to enjoy fast internet connection for streaming and browsing on YouTube and other streaming or normal websites. Just keep browsing and blazing!

Was it helpful? Or if you have any questions kindly drop it in the comment box below and we will resolve that immediately.


  1. it works thanks very much

  2. The free Airtel psiphon cheat has stopped working today

    1. This is not airtel free browsing is airtel 2GB for N200 where you will be able to use on uc mini handler for faster browsing

  3. Seriously does it work flawlessly??

    1. Yes it works perfectly, try it and come back to drop your testimony

  4. I am using a samsung galaxy note4 strictly with 4G network no option to select 2g pls will it work for me?

    1. Hmmm if there is no option to select 2G, hmmmm I think it cannot work then


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