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Friday, 15 July 2016

See How I Received 500Naira For 1GB On Mtn Ipulse, It Might Work For You!

I am very happy for this wonderful data mtn gave me this morning hmmm I don't think is a bonus but accumulated data of my recharges. Well, I activated this 1GB (1024) wonderfully today.

So let me explain how I activated this free 1GB with 500naira on mtn ipulse, yesterday I did the Lifeplus free call which I posted last week and it migrated me to Lifeplus then this morning I migrate to ipulse back by sending 406 to 131. As shown below;

Then I load the recharge card of 500Naira and immediately they send me a message telling me that I have successfully received 1GB for my recharge of N500. As shown below;

So I checked my data by dialling *556#. As shown below;

Well, this is a wonderful data from Mtn, I think is the mtn ipulse users that are enjoying this for recharging N500 and o have not confirmed it second time. I think this might also work out for you. Try and see!

Share your experience, if it work out for you!


  1. Pls do u have a working setting for 2go mb via sas?

    1. Sas has a problem don't boost any app anymore but reads when proxy and port is applied to apn settings. I will look for other vpn for you. Ok use Tweakware and select bundle settings as 2GO MB then connect and enjoy.

  2. Replies
    1. Am Still working on that, I will update that once I have find the stable solution.

  3. mtn ipulse abi mtn pulse? and for how many days does it last?

    1. Mtn Ipulse hmmm I did it today and they said it will expire on Sunday. So from today (Friday) till Sunday is 3days.

  4. Tweakware is not working too..
    Pls how do I backup/change to my original Id after using id Changer?

    1. Ooops...Hmmm sorry your comment is not rhyme with this topic.


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