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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Possible Solutions To Fix The Airtel BB10 1,000naira For 3GB

Some people did the Airtel bb10 plan and it refuses to work on their Android device but I have some solutions to that problem right now for the blazers. Some works but not able to browse despite the fact their imei has been changed to bb10 imei.

First solution: We had discovered what exactly wrong with it, the issue is from Airtel 2G network data bundle. Those who subscribed to the Airtel 2GB for N200 or  6GB for N500 are majorly the one facing this Bis issue.

If you subscribed for Airtel 2G network data plan before, you may not be able to use the Airtel Bis on your Android device with that same Airtel sim except you totally deactivate.

To deactivate Airtel 2G network data plan

Simply dial *482# and select the last option or follow the on-screen instruction. 

Second solution: I learned that some have even deactivate, but your Airtel bis subscription still refused to work. In that case, I’ll advise you to get another Airtel sim, if possible. Not only BB10 IMEI are working with the plan, you can as well change your device IMEI to BBQ5 IMEI with Airtel BIS subscription. 

  • 351975042005379

So do not allow your bb10 to waste just like that, just opt out from the Airtel 2gb for 200 or 6gb for 500N or change your Imei to bbQ5 imei.

Are you new to airtel bb10 1k for 3GB? Click here

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