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Sunday, 3 July 2016

PayPal Now Rank Nigeria As 3rd In Mobile Shopping In The World

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Let me also define it this way as PayPal is one of the top online transaction platforms where people can easily purchase items from anywhere in the world via their PayPal account.

PayPal Ranks Nigeria As Third In Mobile Shopping In The World After China and India. This means nigeria has been at the third position now after China and India has been ranked the first and second position of the best on mobile shopping.

From the latest report, about 55% of Nigerians have made purchases in the past 12 months via PayPal. It also stated that Nigerians have spent about N128.1 billion ($610 million) in 2015 alone via PayPal, while the estimated target this year 2016 is N172 billion ($819 million)

Here's what the general official statement from PayPal says from Israel, efi dahan and africa. 

"Nigerian online shoppers have realized that the world is their shopping mall when it comes to buying what they need and want. ‘They are no longer limited to what they can buy domestically, and are confidently scouring the globe for great deals, more choice, high quality and premier brands,” 

China still holds the honor and sits atop as the global leader and highest users of PayPal with 86% of all online shoppers making use of their smartphones. India is ranked 2nd with 82% while Nigeria is ranked 3rd in the world with 72% shoppers using their smartphones for online purchases with their PayPal accounts. 

But the problem here now is that PayPal still ban Nigerias from receiving their money directly from PayPal account which is bad after they have been ranked the top three mobile shopping in the world. It's high time they release the ban because Nigerias are really trying to improve their business.

With a report like this, it is still shocking to see that Nigerians can’t receive payments directly to their PayPal accounts. Well, nigerias will also have another means to receive their payment, if PayPal does not lift the ban hmmm that's what's I assure nigerians or what do you think too?

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