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Saturday, 30 July 2016

New Way To Use Zenith Free Unlimited Browsing Wi-Fi Without Using Account Number

Hello blazers, you can now surf and download unlimited using zenith Bank wifi hotspot without having an account with them and is very fast and blazing perfectly for the users who are connected to the hotspot. If you are a true follower of this blog, you will remember when i posted about the unlimited free browsing wifi of Zenith Bank that was recently launched by Zenith Bank.

I have received many messages from some blazer fans that the zenith Bank unlimited free browsing has to be for non-banking users also so i have currently find a solution to that, which is the one I am going to drop out for the blazing blazer fans here today.

How to browse and surf unlimitedly with zenith Bank free wifi connections
  • When you are around Zenith bank branch with free wifi.
  • Turn ON your mobile data and open your uc browser (or Google Chrome Browser).
  •  Locate the stuff you want to download.
  • After that, click on the download and allow the download to start and reads for a bit. 
  • Now pause it and turn on your wifi and get connected to the zenith bank free wifi hotspot.
  • Finally, resume your download and you will see how it will connect and start downloading. 
Just as shown below;

So start downloading and blaze unlimitedly with the zenith Bank free wifi unlimited free browsing without using account number or even being their customers.

So does it work for you? I will like to hear from you!


  1. I swear is working oooo!!! I got near a zenith Bank yesterday and it connected very fast

  2. It's not all zenith bank dat is offering dis service for now..

  3. Any solution about the etisalat bb10? Or any etisalat cheat?

  4. Hw can one recognize d zenith bank wifi-Hotspot? Is d name zenith /what? Is ur account no dat u will input as password if u account or it detect and connect automatically?

    1. Thats a nice question, when you get close to a zenith Bank you will see their wifi connection which will start with the name Zenith . Then you will login to it using your account number if you are a member of their bank but in this my tutorial above, you will be able to use it without being their member or customer of their bank.


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