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Friday, 1 July 2016

New Way To Stop Unwanted Calls And Sms On Etisalat/MTN With Do-Not-Disturb Codes

We all know how painful and disturbing it is when your phone keep on beeping because of messages that doesn't interest you. We have even gone as far as using some applications to block certain numbers known for sending those Unsolicited messages but after everything, the network providers would still device a way to intrude into our lines and bombard us with adverts.

It is very annoying when you receive a spontaneous sms daily from this network providers called mtn and Etisalat that look like sc@m so Nigeria's Largest Telco company, MTN has launched a code to be used to opt out of all the Unsolicited and unwanted SMS messages that pops in your phone without your consent, sometimes like advertisement.

Now, you have the opportunity to opt-out of any spontaneous SMS, by using the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) list.

To Opt Out of Unwanted and annoying SMS From MTN

Simply text HELP to 2442. You will see options to opt-out from any particular sms campaign ranging from educational, health, sport, banking etc... just as written and shown below.

The Messages reads as below

1st message: "ent/IT, 
SMS 7: Tourism & Leisure 
SMS 8: Sport 
SMS 9: Religion 
STATUS: To check your DND status."

2nd message: DND options. Send any option below to 2442. STOP: To stop all sms. ALLOW: To receive all SMS. 

SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products.
SMS 2: Real Estate.
SMS 3: Education. 
SMS 4: Health. 
SMS 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles sms. 
SMS 6: Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment".

How To Opt Out Of Etisalat Unsolicited SMS

Text STOP to 2442 and this option will immediately display as a list for you to send as sms.

=> Banking,insurance & financial products: SMS 1 to 2442
=> Real estate: SMS 2 to 2442
=> Education SMS: 3 to 2442
=> Health: SMS 4 to 2442
=> Consumer goods & automobiles: SMS 5 to 2442
=> Communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT: SMS 6 to 2442
=> Tourism & leisure: SMS 7 to 2442
=> Sports: SMS 8 to 2442
=>  Religion: SMS 9 to 2442.

So to opt out from any of the adverts or services, just reply with the corresponding number from the lists. Other network will soon release this feature soon and we will alert you blazers immediately it is out.

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