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Monday, 4 July 2016

New Way To Stop Android Application From Running In Background & Save Battery Life

You may just wonder that your battery life drains very fast after charging it to 100% on your Android device or phone. This problem comes from some applications that runs using background data after you on your phone or sometimes there are applications that runs on background without our notice which adds to quick battery drainage. There are difference between applications that Auto start when you just boot your device and applications that runs in background with data or without your data on.

So this problem has a solution that I have find out to be the Best solution to that quick battery drainage problem. I will introduce to you and lighten you about their application that will be able to solve that problem within some seconds. This application is called SHUTAPP which is also available on playstore and don't worry after enlightening you, I will give you the link to download and then you will be able to use it properly and conveniently.

There are many SHUTAPP on playstore but I recommend this one for you because of the functions it carry's out.

According to Playstore Description they says their features or what they does and functions are:
  • One tap and quickly close battery-draining apps. Closed apps will not get restart.
  •  Auto shut down background apps on unrooted phones.
  •  Block data flow when phone is not in use and only apps in active list have access to network. (This feature requires to install Doze, the other app developed by us.)
  •  Receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall.
  •  Save on data usage over cellular network by closing unwanted apps.
  •  Easy lookup to see what apps are running and quickly stop them with one tap.
  •  Whitelist option available to exclude apps from hibernation.
  •  Find great apps you like in AppCafe which updates every day.
This application is not hard to use and does not require any send of technology to operate its functions. You can whitelist any app that run in background by just swiping to the left and then tap or click on WhiteList. You can also remove remove or wipe out any application from the whitelist page or menu, to do that just click or tap on the 3dash at the top left corner of your screen but if you wish to still add an application on your whitelist page or menu kindly tap on the BLUE + icon.

How can I stop applications running on my phone background data using SHUTAPP.

You will first install the application called SHUTAPP from playstore here or from here (local download) or if you have it before then skip here and see more about it here below. So after downloading and installing then launch or open the application for you to see the what's inside the application.

So after opening the application and click or tap on OPEN SERVICE. As shown below:

So in order to make it close all your background application that are running just allow the access by tapping on the SHUTAPP OFF and toggle or switch it on. Then you will be taken to a page to switch it on in order to have access to your phone or device. Switch it ON. As shown below: 

After it has been switched ON, it will redirect you immediately to the SHUTAPP application then all your applications that are running on the background will start displaying  then swipe left on any application, you should see Whitelist option, kindly tap it. The application will never run in background again until you remove it from WhiteList and you can start managing it. As shown in the screenshot below:

Now, I believe that your battery will past longer than and with this application, you will able to make your phone last longer than the expiring date. 

Is it helpful? If you encounter any problems or difficulty while setting this up kindly tell us below and we will resolve that in just a twinkle of eye and if it works and is helpful to you kindly share your experience below to he blazers.


  1. Pls admin add me to your WhatsApp group 08063504022

  2. Nice tutorial, but I don't like battery saving apps, Greenify does the magic for me

    1. Greenify is also a great app but SHUTAPP Is the best tho.


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