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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

New Way To Share Android Apk Files On Whatsapp Directly Without Using Any Application

Have you been trying to send your apk files on Whatsapp to your friends but you keep using Dropbox and cloudsend hmmm with this tutorial, you will be able to send your apk directly to your friend you wish to send the apk files.

As we all know that Whatsapp is the best and most popular instant messaging application that is being used worldwide and was created by two ex-yahoo employees called Brian Acton and Jan Koum. So it was then sold to Mark Zuckerberg the C.E.O of Facebook and since then, we have seen many improvements and additions on WhatsApp including ability to make voice calls with cellular data, ability to send PDF files, ability to quote other users messages, conversation encryption and lot more but there is one major feature that is still lacking on WhatsApp and that is ability to "send or share android apps on WhatsApp" which are in the apk extension format.

So there are many posts or articles about this topic but all includes using cloudsend or Dropbox but in this article that I am giving out here, will be in a new method and very easily method that will make you do that easily without going into many stresses.

How to send or share your apk files to whatsapp 

1st method to get your raw file: In this method, you have to use your .apk file which the raw file from your application that you want to send, like if you just installed any application from playstore, you won't be able to send the application to whatsapp but you can send it through Xender and Flashshare with some other sending applications so what I mean by raw file is by renaming the apk files then you will be able to send it, you don't need any third party application to send it.

So if you don't have the application raw file, I will show you the way to get it done by following this process below;

  • So you will be at the homepage of the application, kindly swipe left and another options to backup will be displayed.

  • Click on Applications 

  • All the list of all installed applications will be displayed.
  • Now click on the application you wish to send and the application you want to change to raw file in order to be send.
So after that, go to your file manager and locate backupsuite folder, which will automatically be created because if the raw file you just backup from the application called the backupsuite. So you can rename it or change the file extension if you wish to do so.

As shown below;

2nd method to get your raw file: As we all know, all Android phones do come pre-installed with Backup and Restore app which allows you to get the raw file of all your Installed applications. (Check your phone, you will see Backup and Restore application installed on your android)

Now, open it and tap on Application. The application will load up all your installed Applications with all of them Marked. Kindly untick Select All and locate the application you want to Backup. Tick it and tap on Backup to Sd Card.

You will get the backup application/raw file in your Memory card => backup => Applications.

That's all about getting a raw file from a pre-installed application you would have Installed so next step is how to share or send on WhatsApp.

How to send the application (raw file) on WhatsApp 

So without all those tutorial, you would have gotten how to get a raw file in the the two methods.

So launch your Whatsapp and go to the friend or group you want to share the application or file to. Tap on the Share icon => Document, then locate the folder you renamed the file or application to (the .text extension app/file), then tap to SHARE.

After that, the file will load as docs format. The person that will receive the file/application you sent have to rename the file to the original file format before you renamed it. You have to tell him or her to rename the received file to the original format before you renamed it.

Then the person you sent it to will receive it in his or her file manager folders by locating Memory card(Sd Card) => Whatsapp => Media => Whatsapp Documents => Received. From there he/she will rename it to the original extension.

Note: You can use the same method to send different file formats like zip, exe, rar, doc etc.

That's all! So is it helpful? If you encounter any problem while setting this up kindly drop your comments below and we will help you out immediately and If it work for you kindly share your experience.


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