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Sunday, 24 July 2016

New Way To Fix Or Restart A Hanged & Unresponsive Phone With Non - Removable Battery

Some phone with a built in battery that hanged when is being pressed is very annoying and the worstest past is that it won't press or touch anymore and it can stop your work on your phone once it is hanged. While this is a big problem for non removable battery android phones, it isn't so for those using a removable battery powered android devices as they can just remove the battery and re-insert it back again to bring the phone to life.

So I will enlighten you to the solution to reboot your phone if it becomes unresponsive without removing the battery. See it below;

How to reboot a hanged phone with non - removable or built in battery

  • Take up your device
  • Press and hold down the power key and volume down key until the phone shuts down. 
  • This will take a few seconds or minutes
  • If it doesn't restart automatically kindly press the power key to restart.
How to reboot or Restart an Infinix with built in battery

This method is the second step but the first step is the best hmmm I will recommend this as an alternative to the first method so to reboot or Restart an Infinix with built in battery is easy.

  • By pressing and holding the power button  for 10 or 15 seconds you will see, the device will restart automatically. 
  • Then you have successfully restarted it.
So tthis methods doesn't affect phone which means is safe and doesn't cause any harmto a phone.

So share and drop your comment, if you don't understand.

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